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Novigrad (Novigrad)

Camping  KASTANIJA (mh) -  Novigrad (Novigrad)
Album: KASTANIJA (mh) (1/35)

Town: Novigrad

Novigrad, one of the first holiday destinations in Croatia, can be found on the coast of Istria, where the river Mirna flows into the Adriatic. Inhabited since antiquity, Novigrad is marked everywhere one looks with the remains of its long history, now lying dormant within the medieval walls. Besides the cultural attractions, Novigrad also welcomes its visitors with performances by the world's music... More »
Riviera Novigrad

Riviera: Novigrad

The charming fishing villages of the Novigrad Riviera on the northwest coast of Istria are clustered around the eponymous harbor town. A hang glider taking off from... More »
Region Istria

Region: Istria

Colorful Istria is the star of Croatian tourism and its beauty entertains visitors for decades. The accommodation offer in Istria got a lot of investments through years... More »
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