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Guide - Riviera Umag


Umag Riviera

In the northwestern corner of Croatia, at the very beginning of the country, lies the beautiful Umag Riviera. Here you can rub shoulders with tennis stars and party people from the world over, explore natural and man-made marvels, being part of a holidaymaking dating back to the ancient Romans. What more can be expected from a holiday destination?

Walking on the stones of years in the Umag Riviera

A stroll along the streets of Umag takes you past a fifth-century sarcophagus, a Genoese cannonball lodged in the walls of a parish church, and the very spot where Saint Peregrine was martyred, beside the beach which today bears his name. For a second helping of ancient sights, a tourist mini-train will take you from Umag to the nearby archeological site of Katoro, where you can explore Roman ruins to your heart's content.

Time-travel away from the coast of the Umag Riviera

A short walk away from the seaside bustle, a very different Umag Riviera awaits. The town of Babići, just beyond the Umag city limits, beckons irresistably with picture-book blue skies, scented shrubbery and the opportunity to enjoy a trek, a hunt, or a horse-ride, amidst the flavors of past centuries.

Umag Riviera - an exciting present built on the layered past

The central annual event on the Umag Riviera's vibrant summer calendar is the Croatia Open tennis tournament, which takes place in August. Even if the white sport holds no interest for you, you can't say no to the parties around the stadium!

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