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Einstellungen der Konfiguration

It is imperative to properly set configuration settings, otherwise the service may function poorly or it may not function at all. Below is a table describing each directive within configuration file "wshtml.ini".

Please read each one carefully before proceeding with service installation on your web server. Description of each directive contains a strict notes whether the values should amended or not.

These instructions can be used as reference point when configuring service at any time. When referencing, keep the "wshtml.ini" file open in some editor i.e. notepad, so that directives can be compared as you go with configuration.

Once the configuration settings are done properly in accordance with instructions and manual, save the changes and run the service.

Configuration settings

aid Sets the API client ID which is obtained upon registration as Affiliate or Subagent. The value within configuration file should be replaced with your own API key. If API key is not properly set the service will fail to execute.
get_param_name Name of the GET parameter used in the URI.
start_page Initial page that is displayed (example: en-search-private - shows private accommodation offer).

Homepage is a special type of page that contains search and maximum of 6 offer categories.
Categories are delimited by -- in the URI.
Example: en-welcome-index-categories-apartments--houses--rooms--hotel
Supported offer categories: hotel, lighthouses, charter, rentacar, discount, pool, sand, robinson, pets, sea, luxury, houses, apartments, family, beach

Value is the part of URI after the get_param_name.
language ISO-639-1 2-letter language code. Used if the language is not set manually. Directive sets the language used for service. The default example shows "hr" for "Croatian". The system will look for this setting, else it will default to "en". If language_select setting is set to 0, this will be the only language for the service.
language_select Enables language select control, that allows visitors to manually change the service language.
gmaps_api_key Google provides API key for each Google Maps API user. It can be obtained by signing up for the Google Maps API:
url_rewrite Url rewrite support: (OFF = 0) (ON = 1)

In case this feature is enabled, HTTP server rewrite can also be enabled, so final result would be:

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