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Top 10 unusual photography places in Adriatic

Print Published: 12/03/2019

Apart from exploring beaches, tasting new dishes, and generally trying to get to know new cultures, one of the factors that have become essential in making a final decision on choosing a travel destination is the number of the locations that offer plenty opportunities to capture perfect photography. Thanks to the growing influence of social networks, the photogenicity of various sights have been imposed as an unavoidable decision making factor in recent years, which can be seen in recent offers of famous tourist destinations that make a lot of effort just to choose and edit photographs so they could look more appealing to the travelers.

When we talk about natural beauties, it is certain that you will not find a place that is as unique as the Adriatic coast. From the pebble and sandy beaches, mountain massifs, a large number of islands and beautiful towns on the Adriatic you will surely find the place for capturing a nice memory with the camera, and these are some of them.

Vrboska, Hvar

Vrboska is also known as a small Venice

The island of Hvar has long been known as one of the leading tourist destinations on the Adriatic, especially the towns Hvar and Stari Grad. With its unique architecture, buildings mostly built in stone, and narrow streets there are many locations that are suitable for shooting street photographs. Considering that the island, apart from its beautiful architecture, is also rich in nature, you will have more opportunities to capture the unique moments which would be difficult to describe with words. Besides Stari Grad and Hvar there is a town in the northern part of the island called Vrboska. The smallest place on the island of Hvar is known as the small Venice due to its specific appearance. In these small places, you can capture beautiful scenes that will leave your Instagram followers amazed. If you are in Vrboska, visit the small bridges in the harbor. Narrow streets also hide interesting places where you can capture moments such as local population routines or unusual architectural solutions.

Lavender fields on the island of Hvar

June is the month when the fields in Hvar become purple because of the lavender

Lavender fields are one of the favorite places of all photographers because of the unique purple color that is obtained in the photo. However, for a nice photo and great reactions your on social media accounts you will not have to go to Provence. On the island of Hvar there are fields where lavender is widespread, and since Hvar has a large number of sunny hours a year, you can be sure that the time and light for the photo will go hand in hand. If you decide to take a photo in the lavender field, we suggest you go before sunset because you will have the opportunity to play with shadows and colors.

Visovac, NP Krka

Visovac is one of the most important cultural centers in Croatia

The Krka National Park can be described as a hidden oasis. Because of its beauty, with amazing and different animal species Krka is the bait for all lovers of photography. But here's something more special hiding inside the park. Visovac Island, located in the lake that holds the same name, will, because of its unique position be the ideal scene for photo shooting. On the island is only one church of Our Lady of Visovačka, which was built in the 17th century, and inside are also a museum and library. A small oasis that encroaches rich cultural heritage is a great opportunity to record a large number of photos for social networks. Since you are coming to the islet by boat, you can capture the unique position of the islet from a distance, and the best time to take photos is during the day.

Need inspiration for the perfect photo? We suggest visiting Visovac.


Nice scenery on Promajna from the vineyard

Want to capture a sunset that takes the breath away? Makarska Riviera is one of the most popular among tourists who spent their vacation on the Adriatic, and this is where one of the most beautiful sunsets can be captured with a camera. It's in Promajna, a place between Makarska and Baška Voda. Sunset can be captured in any place on the long promenade that connects Promajna through Baško Polje to Baška Voda. If the combination of sun and sea is not enough for a perfect picture of a beautiful sunset, here's one tip. In the vicinity of Promajna, there is a large vineyard that can serve as an additional element in your photography.

Catch the scenes with the most beautiful sunset in the Makarska Riviera.

Cetina Canyon

The canyon of the Cetina River offers a multitude of opportunities for taking pictures of active holidays

Apart from providing an amazing view, the canyon of the Cetina River can also serve as an ideal composition for taking active vacation photos. You can try canoeing, rafting, and climbing in the canyon of the river Cetina and with your action camera you will be able to shoot unforgettable moments. One of the best ways to get the perfect picture you will share with others on social media is to try the zip line where action camera, besides your venture, will capture the beautiful scenery of the canyon of the Cetina River from the air. Of course, you'll shoot the best photos if you go during the day while there is still a sun.

Omiš is a small town that conceals ideal locations for shooting action photos.

Zavalatica, Korčula

Thanks to crystal clear sea, Zavalatica is a real bait for photographers

Although it may seem like it if you look at the scenery closely, you can be sure that photos of Zavalatica are not heavily edited. This small cove is located in the south of the island of Korčula and is 30 kilometers away from the city. Apart from being able to enjoy the full privacy of crystal clear sea in this bay, and intact nature will be an ideal composition for taking photos. The best part is that you can capture beautiful photos all day long.

Food market, Split

The marketplace is the place where you can capture a multitude of different colors on the photos

Whether you like the crowds on travel or not, the food market is one of the best places to visit and search for a perfect moment you will capture with your camera. Aside from observing the shopping habits of the locals, the variety of products can create a beautiful and above all colorful photo story. One of those markets where you will find the necessary inspiration is located in Split. If you do not like crowds, we suggest you go to the market early in the morning. Keep in mind that the market runs until 12 or 13 hours.

Do you need a destination that hides places to take pictures in every corner? Split is an ideal city for you.

The underwater museum, Lošinj

The underwater museum composition will help you create breathtaking photo stories

How far are you ready to go to get the perfect photo? If different conditions do not pose a problem, you should consider visiting the underwater archeological park located in Mali Lošinj. It is unusual because it contains a large number of ancient artifacts, of which the most significant is the sculpture is Apoxyomenon. With the unusual underwater composition you will be able to capture unforgettable moments that everyone would like to share on social networks. Certainly, for this type of photograph, you will need some better equipment.

Cable car in Dubrovnik

Take the photos of Dubrovnik from the bird's perspective

Dubrovnik has for years been one of the most desirable destinations in the world, and its old core is an inexhaustible source for every photographer. But what does it take to make your photography of Dubrovnik different from others and creates enough attention on social networks? Recently, air shots are one of the most popular ones, and thanks to the cable car that connects Dubrovnik with Srđ, you will be able to capture the breathtaking Dubrovnik scenes from your breathtaking phone or camera. You don't even have to have a drone.

Dubrovnik is a city that will, thanks to its beautiful architecture, take street photos to a new level. Book your accommodation today and spend the summer in Dubrovnik.


In Opatija, you can also use street art as a composition

To avoid the mentioning of destinations where you can only take photos of nature scenery, we have also included a small town on this list that many people like to call Vienna on the sea. With the unforgettable promenade of Lungo mare that stretches all the way to Lovran, the beautifully landscaped parks and villas from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy are a combination will give you sweet worries about choosing the perfect place for shooting photography.



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