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Jarmila Vašková
CK with services I am very satisfied. The big advantage is the ability to communicate in English.
Emília Kubičeková
CK for services I was very satisfied. Willingly and promptly remembered all my requirements. I appreciate the ability to communicate in Slovak toll free and benefits it offers to loyal customers. I highly recommend
Flikinger Jenőné
Korcula voltunk.Nem was promised sandy beach, just kikötős, rocky, sea sünös.Nemhogy secondary level, but he could barely makogni the owner English, we did not get good information about road charging kompközlekedésről, cruel far van.Nincs representative of the online office of the Croatian It was expensive phone call to our questions, so do not even 1x Party! closer view, fairer offers we have visited more ....
Sonja Končan
We spent a great vacation. The apartment was gorgeous and very clean. The owners were very friendly. Super
Ryszard Zarzycki
Niestety.Kwatery have booked a more fulfilled my expectations, but the situation has arisen and the mess you leave the day before lodging is regrettable. On arrival, paid the amount shown on referral for one quarters, and for the two do not apply because it was pulled off the entire amount adriatic three months earlier. Mrs. issuing keys took cash and other referral paid card and gave the keys. The day before leaving another lady as it turned out the owner asking me to another room surcharge paid 100% of the card - a trifle 262 euros. Curiosity - a total mess in the papers that my referrals left the ladies soon disappeared. Copies of which possessed saved my nerves a little, but it calls to Adriatica, fierce debate broken German, rather they were not nice zwieńczczeniem holidays. It became clear that the adriatic did not bother to inform the owner that paid for my second room three months before the card. Skipping the fact that the feud going on holiday adriatica owner and I should be interested as last year's snow, skipping a total mess in the papers you receiving referrals. Embarrassing and embarrassment.
Dana Vavrova
With a travel agent, we are very satisfied! Reservations are fast and jednoduche.Vsetko was like CK ponukala.Boli we the second time and will go again next year, thanks again!
Vida Viktor
The accommodation is cheaper than others compared to the size of the company. Fast, polite, accurate, easy to understand and communicate. Also in Hungarian.
Romania Claudia Floroiu
I have been more than surprised by how well organized is. Due to their reminder message, I could announce the owner of the beautiful house we lived in (5108- a in Jezera) that we are arriving earlier than planned. Not only was the appartment we rented everything I hoped for (a small, clean kitchen, with cuttlery, fridge, AC, TV, a cool room and a bathroom with shower plus balcony with a view – perfect for a young couple) but it exceeded my expectations due to the fig tree in front of the house (yummy if you come in August) and the owner's daughter and her husband who helped us out with information, coffee and lovely company. Through Adriatic. Hr I did not only get to visit this beautiful country in all tranquility and confort, but I also found friends that I intend to keep for life! Thank you!
August 19, 2013
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лариса червинская
Very happy with service agencies. Special thanks to Elena Delia for professional service.
Robert Wierzbicki
I would recommend - very efficient and friendly service from the office Property details and conditions consistent with reality. These coordinates provide a hassle-free object to reach the gate using GPS navigation.
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