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Czech Republic Zuzana Michálková
The pages are clear and I appreciate a lot of photos about the accommodation and its surroundings. Communication fast and reliable. Thank you, Michálková
I am very pleased with your service. utazom.soha years has there been a problem with you, everything we learned to talk. administrators are willing and immediately respond to my letters. may need to change the list of hotels is updated at least monthly, because now I went to bed and looked at the open, and was subsequently turned out that was not updated. So the owners could lead to what are the dates where the guests make their own. (3 election because now we can only claim points for the owner at the time nyaraltatja their guests.) I wish you good work.
Slovakia Ján Melišík
Good communication and fast e-mail, I have dealt with Katka accommodation cane, everything quickly without prieťahou.Spokojnosť :)
Hana Obuchov
Communication and super payment!
Slovakia Matej Urbanovič
"Easy to use" in a luxury package with promtným approach, it is! Croatia it, and only them. What is also a great compliment, is functionally transparent and elaborate web that has little to vendor or agency! I would appreciate it but to extend the offer to more southerly parts, namely Montenegro.
Poland Robert Pomorski
great service, owner revelation.
Вадим Рекуненко
Perfect site, everything is organized clearly and professionally. Special thanks to very professional and responsible mededzheru, namely Svjetlana Golubić.
Jan Lasík
Perfect service both when booking and when requesting additional information. Super communication - fast, accurate and věcná.Profesionální. Thank you Jan Lasik + Martin Kýzl
Ruzena Baratova
Thank travel agencies for prompt handling of our reservation, voucher sent immediately after payment by credit card. We got a loyalty discount of 5%, which we have forgotten.
Анна Малиновская
Nice and easy to service, client managers. Faster and chtko. Thank you!
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