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Hungary Marcell Seres
Dear Last summer I went to you and I can characterize the perfect. We are looking forward to this summer's summer. Thanks, Marcell Seres
Poland Sławomir Połeć
Customer service impeccable - efficient, polite, clear. Website excellent.
Poland Janina Kowal
We were on the island of Ciovo in Okrug Gornji. Trogir is beautiful. Accommodation was very good and attentive host. Professional service offices. We recommend to all.
Robert Grus
I am happy with everything, communication, willingness and realization went smoothly, I am also satisfied with the accommodation, home and of course with the landscape .. as always.Services CK I used the first time and decided to recommend them to my friends.Vela good and satisfied holidaymakers.
Slovakia Jozef Lutter
I am extremely surprised at how fast and willing I am working with I used my services for the first time on my colleague's recommendation but certainly not the last time.
Смирнова Наталия
On July 1, they returned from Croatia. We have a rest near Omis in Mimice.If there is a paradise on earth, it's there! Beauty is indescribable, thank you very much to the owners of Pablo and Diana for the warm welcome, and thanks to for the reliable information. I want to return to the shore of such a warm, friendly Adriatic sea, I hope until next year. Bye!
Croatia Stjepan Ivančević
Everything went fine. Thanks and see the events
Poland Renata Miś
We are still before the journey, but I can say that the Polish agency workers - particularly Mr. Roman and Mrs. Catherine Waligórski Malecka care about the customer's comfort in every way! The whole trip was able to settle (the matter piloted by Mr. Roman) within 4 days from the decision of going up to receive the voucher. Mrs. Catherine supported me the information and my fears subsided, and Mr. Roman calmly and with great tolerance made consecutive points of agreement. Hooray for the efficiency, speed, heat and cool approach to the customer! Thank you, and upon return, I will describe experience. Renata Bear 07/06/2012
Poland Bartek
We spent 8 days in Baszka Voda. Beautiful place, picturesque views, restaurants for 5, water attractions available - we were flying with a parachute for a motorboat. The trip there took from Warsaw 23 hours. But from Zadar to Baszka Voda we drove along road no. 8 to see the coast. Highways Croats have divine ... and ice cream. Professional office staff, they all resembled e-mails or text messages. Accommodation as described, przemili owners. If I choose Croatia for the next year, it's
Seres Erzsébet
We came back on vacation, I still think (several years) that the work is done very well in the Adriatic. I agree with Krisztián Major, who writes that the Adriatic is organized, competitive price, professional service. We went on Dugi Island, marked the 436-rented accommodation. A few years ago we have had on this island, it is also liked because of the romantic, quiet, for us who do not like crowds, loud events. Here it can ignore the works of nature. The szállásunkkal were pleased. If you would have bed nets on the windows, it is even more pleased lennénk.De was still very great, because the hosts are discrete, polite. The house was clean, maybe as many comments that small room in the cabinet Wagtail, did not seem biztonságosnak.Két element connecting bridge spans over the bed ... It's also important to mention the purity of bed linen, tasteful selection, or the harmony of the curtains and bedspreads. But the word is pronounced aggodalmaimról also, unfortunately, are not now formulated for the first time. I do not see any tourists or guests of the inns. I do not understand what the tourists think when you throw away, leave the plastic bottle, a cigarette, a sandwich bag behind the beach, or where he ate, drank, smoked cigarettes. I can not imagine why it is so very difficult to pick up the garbage behind us even when not exposed to dust bin, container, also gyűjtő.Magunk any collectible, opportunity can be put in the trash if you can find one. It is not clear to me that when people smoke cigarettes smoked a cigarette in your car, then why throw the rest out of the car, which quickly lands on the edge of another person's car on the road. Basically, I do not understand why so many people do not need a clean environment, why not for the obvious nature of the protest, to protect.!? We're going to these places because they want to enjoy ourselves, we want to relax and come back recharged. Why Did not think many people to their left eye after the harm to the nature or the fact that after the coming holiday-being is important, not only on his own.!? I do not understand any of the inns. We can now pre-holiday season. We thought the cottage principle of human eye is not disfigured the beach and cleared the dirt of the last recordings made helyiek.Sajnos disappointed kellett.Elképesztő garbage mountains. Are you sure a lot of dirt to the shore of the sea and you can not collect everything. But! The frequently visited sites in the small town centers and they can look frightening. Soline example. brave new lights have been installed, parkosítottak, while the manicured park on the shore a few meters after receiving garbage mountain. Paint buckets, bags, slippers, shampoo bottles, refrigerators, etc. pieces. Here is how it works? Here there is no government, organization, or who supervise? The kimustrált appliances would turn up in many places. Forest, forest road built, olive trees, next to the road. For example, the road can be viewed Sakarun one. Or another forest road can only end one unfolds before your eyes on magnificent views of the sea, when his eyes climbed a mountain. This is not hordhatta the sea of ​​garbage, because the water does not reach the top of hegyecske. These were dragging bags, so that. This heap is a bicycle was found. A lot of construction debris everywhere. Our szálláshelyünknél as well. apparently has long rested on the roof tiles, the rotted planks, pieces of concrete, etc.. In these and similar examples, unfortunately, could go a very long time and not just on Dugi Island. In very exceptional conditions here for this country, the sea is really fantastic, historic cities. We have eight times our holiday in Croatia, so it is clear that we love idejárni. This question, unfortunately, her eyes still filled with sadness for us. I remember in Primosten, on the road which goes to the old town towards the coast, one plot of overgrown weeds kimustrált a car. For years it did not seem to anyone that there are not very attractive? Many places we've seen such a thing anyway, but this was the most conspicuous place. Not inflect on, maybe that's enough. I do not know what others have experienced, what they think about it. At any rate, I think that we as tourists, this better be careful otherwise exceptional beauty and atmosphere of places, because he deserves it.! It also hosts suggest.
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