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Elena Briestenská
I share the praise, quick and swift action, the willingness to help / find us suitable potential term /, depending on their customers - which is already low vidí.Isto ADRIATIC.HR recommend your friend. The August holiday I hope that I have chosen me and my family does not disappoint. I will certainly know how it was. Thank you.
Sáray Ildikó
Dear All! For now, we got the reservation. So far, very fair and satisfactory service, immediately received detailed information on all phases. Thank you!
Poland Jerzy I Jolanta Jarząbek
Thank you very much for organizing our wonderful stay in Croatia. The village is beautiful, the sea and the hosts were very nice. In the future we will certainly use your services and will definitely recommend your service to our friends. It was great. Jolanta and George Hazel
Вячеслав Бяков
Thank you Svetlana and your agency for a clear, correct operation and assistance in correcting errors in completing the application form. Hope to use your service. Yours sincerely,
Czech Republic Radka Hladká
Appendix at 1 comments: It slipped my word holiday (if the holiday as pleasant ...) :)
Czech Republic Radka Hladká
Excellent communication with the Adriatic, specifically with Mr. Emil Bakeš. All settled very quickly. Adriatic Services are used for the first time this year and if it is just as pleasant and professional communication with them, so we can just enjoy. Radka Smooth
Slovenia Sašo Kos
After a week, communicating with Mrs. Eva Mladenovič we finally booked a holiday. Mrs. Eva Thank you for your patience and kindness in your search for an appropriate apartment assistance for our družino.Letos we first booked holiday via the internet and we were first a bit skeptical, so far everything is OK and that it took so long before we decided we blame ourselves. Thanks again Lady Eve.
I was pleasantly surprised by the girls from Malinska !!!
Marek Gulaba
I am very happy to communicate on the shredder unit.
Faragó Andrea
I would like to ask you to drop off my colleagues who are working on the company and are sending us unsaved emails on iwiw and they send us unsolicited emails. If they do not want trouble, they will not send more advertising letters without the prior consent of the consignee. Hi
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