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Slovakia Erika Glaichová
We were on holiday on the Makarska Riviera part of Drašnice in the 4810c building. Accommodation and the owners were great. We are enjoying Adriatic travel agency for the third year and we are always very satisfied with the services. We are already looking forward to the next year's holiday. We thank you. I recommend this object. Sincerely EG
Esnol Philippe
Highly recommended to work with them. Agency Everything is very correct expired. Location and apartment were superb!!
Poland Liliana Masłowska
I am very pleased with the services of the office.
Cyril Šourek
One critical remark to your services. Information on arrival time should be handed over to the client at the start of the contract. Since we do not look at email every day, we found out the day before we left to submit this message. The message format in the form as sent (assigned number and time of the client's arrival) were separated by slashes and characters that can not be made when writing on a regular cell. Probably there should not be those characters and slashes, but how do we know it? It was quite confusing. . Cyril
Marek Majchrzyk
I recommend the Croatian office website. OK, I know that no one will pull me back on a government plane
Andrzej Szerlak
Very efficiently carried out booking, the website contains detailed and necessary information, and at the same time it is easy to navigate through it - in a word, as for now only superlatives.
Leitner Daliboe
We were on vacation in the city of Podaca in object 2711. The environment was super and location of the apartment. But as far as apartment equipment is concerned, it was the worst thing I've ever experienced in Croatian ... From the burning door, the non-functional handle on the toilet, the no shelter that you put in your offer to the apartment. The device is about 30 years old, but that would be possible if it was maintained. In the cabinets the smell of pottery, everywhere dust, but unhealthy. We are very dissatisfied with the accommodation. Find out what the offer of your travel agency offers. Still the weather was great. Sincerely, Leitner Dalibor
Szarvas Dóra
Although I'm still on the road and I will only be able to comment on the holiday after the holiday, I would like to point out that the Adriatic employees are really conscientious, especially thanks to Edit Csibriket for his conscientious work and his helpful attitude towards the guests. nowadays my voucher is in my hands, but the bankers did not ease our business ... But to edit, I was reluctant to ask my questions, so I did not even doubt that this sudden idea could be realized ... and I travel with three young children from the base of competing travel agencies it was a problem, but it did not cause any disruption here. I am absolutely sure that the quality of our accommodation will be satisfactory, for me Adriatic is the guarantee :-)
Hungary Horváth Mónika
I am very satisfied with quick, accurate information and booking. I can only recommend everyone!
Smit Gyöngyi
I am very pleased with the adriatic service. It's been so fluttered up to now, even though two weeks before the trip it was discovered that this holiday would be a hotel, not the choice because there was no place but a better one, as a substitute accommodation, close to the place where I originally wanted to go. In addition, I got the voucher in 3 days, if I had a question, I just got the answer. Special thanks to Melinda and Edit for their kindness and preparedness. I'm looking forward to going back to the post ... :-) I've already recommended the office to friends and I hope others will be as happy as I am !!
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