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Slovenia Diana Jerenec
I am very pleased with your service, your kindness and the very useful information you sent me to my e-mail. Thank you again!
Tóth Andrea
We were in Stanici. Since the apartment we chose was not issued by the owner, we have found a good apartment with Edit Csibrik. Thanks for that! Edit Csibrik also responded readily and within a short time to our other questions about travel. Pictures of the accommodation reflect perfectly the reality. We stayed in a comfortable, nice apartment with beautiful views. Despite the language difficulties, the owner and his family were very nice hospitable.
Dr Kecskés István
Mirabela Podina
I just came back from Rab Island. It's a dream place. I lived at the property code 5030. The hosts are great and the rooms are exactly as they are described on the site. It is worth visiting the Rab Island.
Zuzana Šťastná
I was traveling for the first time through She has met all my expectations. Simple, concise and clear. I am very happy and I recommend it to everyone.
Ctibor Matoušek
Landlady can not, unlike the no language, only Croatian, her husband a little German, but with nothing about him accommodations guess not. Their son, although English can, but if you want to deal with a problem regarding the accommodation, it is not his business, and refer you to the mother. They have provided 4 parking places, but really are only three and two shielded occupied a home for himself and refused to release them. I am therefore one car parked in the sun, therefore it is impossible to sit down and the second in a pine forest, so now I have needles all over the hood and drizzled with pine pitch and I'll have to let the money specially cleaned. The object we chose, among other things, because we went to the annual twins in the stroller and the house did not have any stairs to the sea and should there be sand beach with gradual entry into the sea. The building we had every day at least twice with twins suffer coach first after about 8 - my steps to the woods, then cross over the rocks about 15 m through the forest and then another about my 8-stair stairs to the promenade - great! LL. Sand beach of pebbles was that we tried to eat the twins, so we could be there and we were therefore on a concrete salary - too cool. L Equipment apartment - doors do not lock the toilet, a refrigerator is not working, air conditioner cools only the hall, not the room, microwave - as well as the kettle is antediluvian - it will also hand-haze first time then it will you watch. Tap in the kitchen does not close the toilets and run through, so the whole night listening to refill tanks. Internet is not there too, but the son of the owner advised us, whether we go down to the promenade and catching a signal from a cafe across from John. TV works, but it is run in a way that can handle only technically gifted individuals, but it just goes on about only 4 programs with commercials, so it does not matter, radio inoperable. Photos of rooms are not very realistic, accessories, there were only about the shooting - now there's a little emptier. Sea view is not - only the forest and it only shows through the sea. I would recommend you to check the real situation you put data in order to avoid disappointing your clients. Especially with twins wearing stroller up the stairs and ride in the woods over rocks 3 times a day the water was quite an experience just like a car drizzled with pine pitch.
Kossuth Norbert
On Rab Island there was our lodging in Barbat, the description and photographs showed the actual condition was nothing to worry about. Thanks to Edit Csibrik again next year, I can recommend it to others. Thank you, Norbert Kossuth
Italy Pierpaolo Lino
Serious and helpful agency, he always gave me all the useful information so that when we arrived in Croatia everything would be perfect, VOTE A +++
Leszek Kucharuk
Dates and waiting rooms for us in line with our expectations. Unfortunately, the accommodation is not always equipped with what should be (kitchen accessories). A small matter, and cumbersome ...
Zsolt Csorba
Quick, accurate and helpful administration. we are very pleased. Thank you very much for Melinda Parcina and our host for Petar Gudic.
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