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Balatoni Enikő
We have been traveling to Adriatic for the second time and I can only say positive about customer service, correct, accurate and fast administration, the kindness of the staff. Our hotel was 5234. The apartment is very well equipped and demanding (the photos are accurate), but from the mountain approx. We had to go down to the house at 50 o, and the parking was catastrophic (we were lined up behind each other and if we wanted to go ahead, we had to stop ... so there was constant knocking!). Due to the extremely steep slope and parking it is recommended for professional drivers only. The beach is very steep and deep, except for a smaller area where shallow water (below the terrace) so everyone uses it and is quite noisy. Overall, we recommend that you do not mind the car makers, but the panorama from the terrace compensates for the inconvenience.
Deák Gabriella
Correct, quick administration, very easy to use website, lots of pictures of accommodation. So far, only positive. The holiday will be a week away. I hope we are not disappointed either.
Márta Manek
Very Customer Service, Reliable and Correct!
Miroslav Drkoš
Why are client comments broken down by individual objects?
István Csete
The funeral service was fair although the accommodation was not known. The quality of the accommodation did not correspond to the category rating.
Poland Mario
Everything at the highest level, I have nothing to complain about, full professionalism, answers to all questions in the blink of an eye. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Pavel Žouželka
We have used the services of your CK and thank you for trouble-free service. Staying in Croatia is perfect for us. Zouželka, Brno.
Gyula Musits
Very good site so far only positive experiences are customer service is fast and fair. The pictures on this page show the reality of the accommodation completely. Thanks
Czech Republic Ivana Stránská
I really recommend Excellent service, clear web pages, help at any time, total satisfaction :-) We enjoyed a wonderful holiday on the Adriatic from the second time, do not hesitate.
Czech Republic Martina Králíková
Web pages are clear. Staff from Adriatic are very willing and helpful. Excellent cooperation. Thank you especially to Mr. Latin. I hope the stay itself will be ok.
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