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Gigliola Peruzzi
precise and efficient. excellent agency service. I hope I can still get some of your services.
Germany Farhad
Best telephone and electronic contact, fast friendly, binding. I'm very satisfied, nothing more has offered the competition. Thank you, Mrs. Kornelija.
Martin Čechmánek
I used the Adriatic for the first time and I am very satisfied. Email communication with your employee, Katka Homol, was quick and easy to understand. Well thank you. Martin.
Dear Melinda! We were Maxxxxxxxx, and we are satisfied with the speed, the precision, the fairness, the kindness, and the functioning of the website! We wish you - as hopefully as we are - to have a great vacation! We wish you and the Travel Agency all the best: Klár Bálint + his family + friends
Dear Melinda! I was Maxxxxxxxxxmally, I'm happy with his speed, precision, fairness, kindness. Thank you for your help and I wish you could be on holiday - hopefully like us - great! Wishing you and the travel agency all the best! Klár Bálint and his family + friends
Hana Köhlerová
The website is clear, I have used the services of the agency for the first time and I am very pleased with the access and communication with your staff member Matěj Latin. Thank you very much..
Donatella Pagotto
I am very satisfied with the fast and helpful agency service as described and very kind hosts
Semegi András
Dear Melinda, I am fully satisfied with the services I have ever received, my reservation, the payment in two installments and the telephone conversation of the questions that came up with me. There is good telephone availability, the website works well, the answers are coming quickly and accurately. I prefer the discount options, and I hope I can live in the following. If the vacation is just as problematic in the hotel, I will be happy and I will write it. Thanks for the correct and helpful administration.
Martin Kalmus
Hello, I'm very happy with your travel agent's approach. Help with booking was great and thank you again. M. calmus
Varga Gábor
Excellent system and administration! Thank you Melinda Parčina! Gabor
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