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B. Lászlóné
Help with quick booking. They responded almost immediately to Email. Confirmation was done according to the promise. I hope we will be happy with the accommodation.
Leopold Dvořák
Dear, I note that I already have my stay, but according to the old offer portal, which was much clearer than the current one, it is very complicated. So I'm not introducing the innovation. Return to the old, simpler one.
Richard Bazovský
Very Fast Web, Good and Fast Orientation and Response. Satisfaction with photo documentation and on-line services
Haines Zsuzsanna
I can recommend everyone to the website. In their associate, we found Melinda helpful and informative. Thanks again for your help! We can not say about the accommodation on the same level, but if that is all right, and I think of anything that does not recommend, then we will book here next time and we recommend it to our friends!
Александр Мартынов
As always, the agency showed itself on the best side. Special thanks to Yaroslav Sadovoy!
Cristian Mihai
Reservation is very easy to see what we find at destination :)
Дмитрий Пархоменко
Thanks for your work. Last year, I booked apartments through you - everything is clear and prompt. The information on the site is detailed, well structured, and most importantly - reliable. The photos fully corresponded to reality. Keep it up! I wish you success. This year - certainly in Croatia.
Stanislav Vrábel
I personally did not appreciate the design of the site, the previous version was better, clearer in search, and I also miss the box my selection where we had interesting objects stored for us.
Dziugas Kopustas
Thank you for your quick work. However we suggest You to change prices for new season as soon as possible to avoid any problems. By this time we are looking forward to our holiday.
March 19, 2011
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Zdeno Jašek
She's delighted with the new design of the web - it's much better tuned for search.
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