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Russia Никита Тареев
In general, the comment is very late. But the impressions are fresh. Lived in a small town Podgora, which is in Makarska riviera. On the object of residence - very convenient, dreamy owners, 100 m from the sea and there is always a place on the beaches, this is good, despite the fact that the rest of the larger half of August. Town - mana - 30-40 minutes you can go through it in a circle. BUT ... very wonderful, and aside and in people, they poked a finger and realized that this is the same thing. There is even a disco, a lot of restaurants with excellent prices (compare a check for lunch for example 300 rubles per person, it's even with beer), near Boikovo - nat. park, there is an excursion on quad bikes - very entertaining. We took a car in Makarska, fine, gave a pledge to cash, without a credit card, diesel Fiat Punto. They wheeled around the country, or rather, according to Dalmatia, went to split, went to Dubrovnik, watched the old fortresses, went on excursions. Dubrovnik of course expensive, though beautiful. a little about the owners - old beautiful people, they fed us grapes daily, in principle they themselves allowed him to tear in any of the properties (in the garden in front of the house his own vineyard, of course they drank wine, they gave olive oil, also samal, cooked with us a slave on the grill, who was also present near the house, gave free parking space for the car, in general only positive emotions.Of course we were in Tucepi, in Brac - but Podgora personally for me is out of competition, an ideal place for vacation.Language - speak slowly about ru with the older people, they will understand you, will understand the majority of the young people in angels and will respond, they will prompt you .The food is mostly Italian, very tasty, but the most delicious is freshly caught and cooked according to special recipes, 2 vessels where the captan cooks and after catching fish in the evening, right on the ship opens a restaurant.This year, most likely will go in June, and go also to Montenegro. If there are questions on rest - if possible, I will answer, I will prompt. Well and thanks Adratic for acquaintance with this country, she is magnificent.
You've rated us: (January 21, 2011)
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Slovakia Július Ciglan
On holiday with I always look forward to: heart: This year (2011) we will go for the fourth time. So far we have always been very happy because the data on has always matched reality. I have never met another travel agency with this presentation of information and photos. You are super !!!: smile:
You've rated us: (January 20, 2011)
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I was two years in Croatia, the first time on the island of KRK, then on the island of Murter. Unique people, dream places, vacation, after which you feel rested and excited by the special places that delight your eye. My vacation spot is there and it will be until I close my eyes.
You've rated us: (January 19, 2011)
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Slovakia Jana Barzóová
I am very happy with the mutual communication. Thank you for your help in choosing accommodation because I have a son in a wheelchair I needed to find the right accommodation. I am very satisfied with the offer. We are looking forward to a summer holiday. Thank you: smile:
You've rated us: (January 18, 2011)
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Czech Republic Jan Bohun
never more
You've rated us: (January 18, 2011)
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Aroslav Kovář
We were last year in Zivogosce-kamp Dole.Family accommodation in equipped cottages, interesting location, pleasant
You've rated us: (January 16, 2011)
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Poland Jolanta Popczyk
Offers placed on your pages are clear, legible and easily allow you to get all the information. Formalities are dealt with efficiently and quickly: smile:
You've rated us: (January 16, 2011)
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Hungary Csökmei Lászlóné
Dear Everybody! Please enter code if you have a positive experience with home, but more important is the negative opinion to help other people choose good accommodation.
You've rated us: (January 15, 2011)
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Czech Republic Ivana Krotilová
Last year we were staying in Primošten. Services by offer, all without problems, I can only recommend: lol:
You've rated us: (January 15, 2011)
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Czech Republic Rostislav Slavotínek
I have been using for the third consecutive year. I appreciate that the offers are processed in a solid way, with detailed photo documentation and in most cases with the apartment plan, which allows for a choice without additional unpleasant surprises. Office workers are willing and helpful. The meeting is fast and operative. I can only recommend.
You've rated us: (January 15, 2011)
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