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Wiesław Cieślinski
Very professional service offices, from beginning to end. Nothing more and nothing less. May we all acted as the Adriatic!
Milos Jirků
Today we are leaving for a trip to HR and I am now in cooperation with CK excited: heart:
Imre Rákóczy
First, we use the services of the Adriatic, but it is not helpful and was quick csalódtunk.Nagyon administration. Property in 5137, were coded by the office Földesi Lili offered a nearly perfect volt.A hotel owner was very nice of her, absolutely child-friendly hely.Bátran dare to offer all services in the Adriatic and the accommodation.
Tomislav Goić
Two years in succession in "Parentium" in Poreč. .-hotel ... 3-4 (adaptation?).-service .... 5.-pp ....... 5
Maura Messina
there was a single mistake on the part of the agency: he gave me a flat telling me that he was in Omis (500 meters from the center), and when I arrived at the house I discovered that he was in Duce at 1 km from the center of Omis. When I contacted the agency they were very kind, they did not solve the problem and they could not change my accommodation because they did not have other houses available. They offered me 10% discount on the total house. I must say that they were always available and kind.
Krystyna Parma
I am very pleased with the service, I liked the attention and interest of the client. Reliable and friendly service. I highly recommend the vacation of
Csökmei Lászlóné
We also used the services of the adriatic. The office was helpful now.The accommodation was on Peljesac peninsula on Orebic (2130a) It is very beautiful as it can be seen on the pictures. The host lady was kind and helpful. The pleasant excursion he was throwing the mood at the gate and there was the sea.At the coast, life starts at 7-8 o'clock, landowners, frosts ... The evening lights were not far from Orebic's comfot. We missed once again that it was impossible to find the street. I went to the narrow street. I asked the adriatic to expand their service with GPS coordinates or a detailed city map. Anyway, everything was great. Thanks for the adriatic.
István Galambos
We were back in the office for the second time. The website is very well-structured and helpful to the staff, and it is very useful for them to contact them on weekends. One of the best online travel agents. One thing should be improved, which is also a problem with other online offices to keep the occupancy dates up to date, not after a reservation to find that the accommodation was already occupied, only the owner did not report to the office. It may be possible for accommodation vendors to have access to the database and to book the occupancy for other accommodation units. This would really be a realistic picture of accommodation occupancy.
Jackie Hill
Would like to say that are one of the most helpful agents I have booked through. Communication is quick and very detailed. Would recommend them and would use them again :smile:
August 29, 2010
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Antonella Guasti
Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness. And 'everything went fine. Antonella
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