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Petr Janča
With, this year we traveled to Croatia for the first time and unfortunately not entirely voluntary. As always we were looking for accommodation over, where we always thought that the accommodation offered by a private subject, ie the owner of the building. After booking the accommodation, however, we learned from the email that the accommodation was provided by this company. Unfortunately it turned out that we were only worried about this company. It took about half of the amount of money for accommodation, which was not what happened to us when booking through booking. There was a message that we had to inform the company about how much we would arrive before arrival. Since we were in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie in zone 2, sms cost us 10 CZK, which, of course, nobody will rebuild us. In addition, states that the accommodation is prepared from 14am, so I do not know why we should further inform our arrival. When she arrived at the home of Mrs. Domestic, she was not well informed about what offered us, that is, to provide us with a connection to the Internet. We did not get this during our stay for a minute. We were considering filing a complaint about the company that it did not, or did not even believe, that the domestic lady did not even know what the internet (or wifi) was and that we would ask for a refund of the part of the accommodation fee. We did not want to spoil our vacation, so we did not go on. She was also uncomfortable on the part of the company that she had been blamed on for saying that there were towels that were not offered to us. The company's representative on the phone referred to the business terms, where towels are not a condition. We did not get to see who advertised on It's a pretty unserious deal, so we hope that with never more.
Miroslav Špála
With ADRIATIC.HR we go for a long time and always everything was to our satisfaction. Helpfulness, rapid response, always meet the accommodation offered.
Slovakia Eva Weissová
I am very satisfied with the services, the equipment is quick and easy, excellent communication. Certainly use their services in the future and I recommend others.
Franco Zen
a little too many documents required. you can not talk with the booking.
Czech Republic Ivo Chytil
Who hesitates to use the services of this company at all does not have to. Everything went just as it did without the slightest problem. The questions were answered quickly, in seamless Czech.
Czech Republic V.John
I travel regularly with ADRIATIC.HR and I would always satisfied among other reasons, they promptly and helpfully. Nowhere did I find such a wide range of accommodation in Croatia and with the additional option of communication in English.
Hungary Lukács László
I got you on the basis of correct information megrendeltünk.Utólag also pleased that this választottuk.Nagyon accommodations in a good location, it was a very good water quality, we have enjoyed every percét.A ​​tranquility, beauty, relaxation, and comfort only under the right I recommend it to others.
Giada Conchione
I booked an apartment in Premantura through Excellent service, clear and timely in responding to the questions and email.
Italy Roberta RIccardi
For the third time we booked through the site and we are satisfied: the description of the accommodation and the location is detailed and correspond to reality, the service is convenient, fast and efficient. One flaw: the payment by credit card does not have a secure connection
František Babnič
Ck Adriatic services are fast and resilient. I am convinced of further cooperation in the coming seasons.
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