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Галина Новикова
Rested in Brela in September, unnecessarily we come to Croatia for the fourth time, in principle, to know what to expect. But the rest prvzoshel all ozhidaniya.On was better than all previous ones. In many respects this was due to disposal of the Agency Adriatic. I thank them for the perfectly rendered olshoe uslugi.Ya talked with Alexander Gorbunov, all the organizational work was done very quickly (invoice, proof of payment, booking, vyucher). The agency good site, our apartments are clearly consistent with the information provided on this site until the number of steps to moryu.Hozyain nice man, the first day made a gift in the form of a poster of Brela, then treated the cake. In general, it was prekrasno.Obyazatelno come yet.: Lol:
September 23, 2009
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Franco Bongrazio
And 'with much pleasure that I express my appreciation to your agency, for the professionalism, kindness and helpfulness. Surely in the future we will turn to your agency. Thank you and Good luck: smile:: smile:: heart:
September 22, 2009
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Natalya Art
To the Agency, many thanks! Everything is clear, without overlap! There were 2 weeks at Brac in Postira at K-701. To the description of this object it is necessary to add that the house is on one site with the house of owners, which is being actively built. And judging by the fact that they build it mainly by the forces of their family, without recruiting workers, it will last another year exactly 2 years. For the owners in the order of things was every day at 8:30 am start working on a woodworking machine, which was literally 25 meters from the object K-701. In general, we used to wake up earlier and that's why it did not bother us much, it was just a strange attitude. In one "fine" day, the owners began work on drilling concrete and polishing the stone on their balconies (knowing that we are at home, yet each other's in sight). The sound was such that we were forced to turn off the portable DVD, because the film was not audible at all even at full volume, and go off to sea. In general, there was such an impression that all of their "business" is built on the principle "you still have already paid everything, where will you now get away from here?". Therefore, if they had to saw in the morning, they sawed, if they wanted to gather the whole huge family every evening and cackle until late at night under our windows, they were going. Subtotal: Postira is really a very nice village, the sea is super, the place is VERY calm and romantic. You can come here and need it! Only apparently not in this object. PS house cleaning between the races is reduced only to the ejection of garbage and change of linen and towels. There are layers of dust and cobwebs everywhere.
September 22, 2009
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Marco Pedroncelli
satisfied with the apartment, the owners discrete and correct; Dugi island and Sali village definitely recommendable: heart:
September 19, 2009
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Sławomir Kumka
We are pleased with our trip and the services of the office ... with no problems, quickly and efficiently. The property conforms to the description and in fact much better than the shows in the pictures. Very polite and hospitable hosts. Island Pag Novalja in particular, is a charming area around where you can not get bored Beautiful views, amazing water, heat, and many different beaches. Best to see a few before you decide where to stay, because they are różne.Większość the sandy beaches or with small stones and a super descent into the water. We recommend! : Lol:
September 15, 2009
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Елена Фролова
Thank you for the agency to work! Everything was clear, with no overlap. Thanks to Ira for answering all the questions. Information about apartments corresponds to 100%. Thank you again!
September 15, 2009
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Kate Schwensen
Everything has gone absolutely perfectly with the booking via Lovely holiday.: Smile:
September 15, 2009
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Hajdúné Palló Éva
We are happy with the service of the office, we will re-use this holiday for Croatia.
September 15, 2009
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Анна Кулишова
Thank you for such a wonderful site, It is very convenient for them to use. In the apartments we have chosen, and we were in two cities, everything was very pleasant. We recommend for the future more accurately answer the questions asked about the apartments and know the bus schedule sites, the one that prompted us is the site by definition of kilometers of roads and gasoline consumption. And in general, thank you very much.
September 14, 2009
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Inger Goode
We want to thank you for a wonderful and safe treatment, and a great website, where we learned everything we needed. Also a big thanks to Bojan Tomicic for quick answers to our questions. Best regards Inger Goode Object 471-b 2/9-9/9-09. That was great everyone enjoyed.
September 13, 2009
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