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Magyar Koppány
Sorry, but I do not understand one thing. If a lot of people are satisfied with the service of the office, in the few cases when they come to their side, they offer bad things why they do not apologize and why they do not repay the paid advance when they have not done anything for it or even caused problems to their clients? Can anyone explain this? This is the money they need to get wealth for them?
Magyar Koppány
If someone is tired of the prosperity and adventure, bring lots of building materials, furniture, utensils and electricians to the house in Mandre village on island A-4091, Pag. Oh, and do not pay back because it will never get back !! Our dear Adriaticos friends beat us with 640 Euros! Hungarians! Record all phone calls !!
Zharyy Dmitriy
We rested in the area of ​​Trogir from 02.08 to 14.08. Everything is very decent, the apartments do correspond to the description and photos. About - everything is correct and informative. as a wish, I would like to have more detailed information about the location of the accommodation facility (having an address searched for it for 1.5 hours :)): lol: Croatia is a wonderful country !!!
Csökmei Lászlóné
Dear Everybody! Please, those who had a very positive experience with your accommodation to enter the code might be able to take advantage of it. It is also very important to have a negative trip. Thank you.
брегус александр
all the preparations for the trip by the agency passed without complaints. the problems started on arrival. they searched for their apartments for a long time, none of the local people knew the street or the name of the owners, not one of the tel., stated in the voucher did not respond. got acquainted with a local resident, explained his problem and a person I did not know from another country tried to find the owners of the booked apartments for two hours, where he called, rode a moped. finally got through to the agency and after another hour of waiting the agency called and informed the acting ones . owners of the apartments. The address on the house did not match the one stated in the voucher, the phones did not answer. The question to the agency: how would I find my apartment without the help of a local resident? honor him and best wishes!
Andra Falticeanu
Mumltumiri agency and especially Mrs. Laura Luncan the answers to my questions came very quickly, we had a great time in Croatia and in selected studio. I was in southern Croatia and visited it all, we liked a lot, especially Dubrovnik and the island of Lopud. Already thinking about what area of ​​Croatia to go next year and certainly we begin to look for an apartment soon.
Bodor Mihályné
Your travel agent will recommend the use of the services of any traveler. The office staff are happy to answer any question and try to give complete information. The staff helpfulness and cooperation is commendable. We would specifically like to thank Anna Fodor office employee, who has the Plitvice Lakes and the accommodation of choice in the Orebic was helpful and as a result of this unforgettable experience with a beautiful home in the area can nyaralásunkról. Thank you! We would like to work more successful and we wish good health to all employees of the office.
Paolo Compagnoni
I called during the vacation and answered a very kind man who gave an efficient answer to my questions thanks
Stefania Bottacin
Adriatic would recommend to my friends. Petra was very efficient and fast in solving mishaps: I had pretty much only say what kind of vacation pay, and I wanted and she took care of everything else. Congratulations!
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