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Wojciech Grzywacz
: cool: Our first vacation with
Joanna Krasicka page very well prepared, contains much needed information about facilities and location, we recommend it to others
Каролина Дряхлова
Very easy to use, informative website, quick answers. While this site is the only place of its kind (and we have watched a lot of trust). Information at a glance. Automatically start to trust.
Виктор Осташев
I booked the apartments through this agency in September this year. Now in anticipation of receiving a voucher. The organization of the agency and its website I liked. There is a Russian version and employees. There is a possibility of a free call and communication in Russian. The staff are polite and friendly, promptly answer all questions. The only thing I miss on the agency's website is the binding of the chosen apartments to the city map so that you can imagine its location relative to the beaches, the city center, etc. In the rest - everything is fine.
Jan Vacina
I want to praise and appreciate both clarity and sophistication of websites, but also a system in place when the client gives you the freedom to choose the service, according to needs. Your service will use again this summer and very happy.
Petr Brabec
The pages are very well done, there is a good search. The possibilities are clear. Thank you I used them earlier and did not disappoint me
Emil Zlacký
Thanks to Miss Alexandra, who was very nice and very happy.: Happy: I'm looking forward to your stay.
Emil Zlacký
Thanks to Miss Alexandra, who was very nice and very happy.: Happy: I'm looking forward to your stay.
Márkus Éva Márkus
I really hope that I will use this year
Jana Miletínová
Thank you again for Alexandra Petraniové flawless and quick booking a summer vacation. Already last year we have used the service and everything worked out to one. I recommend to all.: Smile:
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