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Gulyás István
Quick, accurate administration. Thousands of thanks go to Laura for a lot of help. I hope our vacation will be so great.:heart:
Grzegorz Machalica
I am satisfied with the service so far. The communication with the client could be slightly improved. After paying with a credit card, I waited for almost a week to send a voucher and any contact from the office.
Tomáš Rypan
- There is no possibility to check your orders / vouchers after logging in, etc. - Old dates of the update are mentioned, although the status is actually up to date - New clients can smile - Ordering, booking, payment, voucher - everything was quick, Hole perfect.
Dagmar Jindrová
Hello, the Adriatic site, I am very spokojená.Vše is clear and very well prepared. Also communication with Mrs. Daňková excellent, fast. Services we use the first time and already looking forward to vacation. I believe that an object that we chose not disappoint us. I wish a lot of satisfied customers.
Dana Kubečková pages are very well set up.Headly they are clear, concrete very well understandable.Training with CK is also very good.We look forward to summer.: happy:
Monika Drgonova
Good day to the extent you asked me to express my opinion with, I would like to say that we are traveling with you as a guy 8 years for the next year and we are happy. I have seen a great deal of accommodation offerings in Croatia when I was looking for a place to choose from. From pages I have, for example, Adrianet, Limba, and so on, we travel with you, and that's the reptiles of photography and the distance to the nearest reptiles and the nearby beaches. Nobody thinks that this is so elaborate and detailed as you are, and when I go to Croatia with the plague of plague, the sea, the reptile and the wonder of what I look like first. Also, the distance is pretty good, for me, as for my two children, it is important to know how far the beach is from the apartment. So I appreciate this and it's great. I have seen your offer and spent the hours of time, and some apartments have small photos, but it is a matter of wonder, the surroundings of the beach or the house. Perhaps it could be a relatively interesting question for your clients - they could send you pictures. If anyone in this place spends a week, two, if he can fix his interest and if he saw them next to you, believe me, he would be pity :-). It is me as a client, a fascinating holiday, to take advantage of weather forecasts in the individual locations of Croatia, let us also give it a review over the past two or three years. I appreciate the opportunity to express my opinion, and I wish you a nice day and a successful season.
Gabriel Polena
Grzegorz Szoepe
Thanks for the professional approach and interesting suggestions ....: cool:
Николай Щукин
In August and September 2008 were vacationing in Croatia, booked through (a week in 4059-a, 4059-b - Mandra, the island of Pag, a week in the 407-b, 407-c - Njivice, the island of Krk). Many thanks to all the staff, and especially Ira (Ira Karvatovska) - no straps, all match the description.
I was from this trip a year and a great service, satisfaction and I can only recommend: happy:
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