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Everything in the najlepsym okay very nice contact and support offices Wslaciciel pension and other line skates with a description ... Just like in Croatia on vacation this time of I certainly with them, I go:) POLECAM!: Lol:
BEAUTIFUL thank you for your promptness and speedy delivery BEAUTIFUL DAY CONTINUE TO MARCO
Dariusz Trojan
: orchard: I recommend everything in good order
Jan Mrňa
For the second time, we used the Adriatic services for the reservation of the object.This was done quickly and without any problems thanks to Katarina Homolová.We are very satisfied and we can only recommend: smile:
Betka Babnik
I was very pleased with the services of your agency, especially with Mrs. Dunja K., with whom we contacted about any ambiguity. The apartment itself was satisfactorily equipped, the surroundings peaceful, perfect for a peaceful vacation: smile: All too often the hosts were going to there is a shortage of electricity, several times a day for a few minutes, once even for 2 hours: they are dreaming: what is obviously the hosts are accustomed to having prepared candles in the apartment for this purpose.Lep greeting from Ljubljana.
The busy room was frigid, tiny and dirty. We started cleaning after a long journey, because there was no place to put our bags on. There was no chair in the room because it did not come in. My bed between the bed and the wall was 20 cm so the adult's feet did not reach. The antenna of the TV was torn down with some perseverance, but it was not possible to look at it. Not to mention that it was not a rubbish bin, instead of a double bed, we had to have one and a half in person . We slept all the time in a mummy pose because we could not fit it. So it was horrible for us to come back to our castle.We're coming home, we can go to bed.We were not sleeping with any of the Germans who circled by us tonight.I was not a rest but a nightmare.We did not do it all year round. Next time we are personally looking for accommodation we see with our own eyes taking over the net, that's for sure.
Michał Deczkowski
Literally a few minutes ago I returned from staying in Duce near Omis. I am really very happy and I think that next year the agency shall make use of services
Michi Arslan
hi! I can only recommend from the beginning had no problems, everything worked out wonderfully. we had a relaxing holiday as we had imagined, next year again lol:
The services provided by were promising good quality and very good communication and information. I hope we can still be satisfied with the accommodation in Croatia.
Emidio Ucci
As regards the service of your agency are very very happy. Courtesy and helpfulness. Thanks for everything.: Happy:: happy:
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