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Fabrizio Manco
really fast, and available to all the information: smile:
Jiří Vácha
This is what is called the professional and human approach of the employees of your travel offices. Other travelers can only envy. I would like to thank the family Śušak of Podaci. Thanks to the friendship and kindness we made a fabulous holiday.
Francesco Santoriello
very effective. good
Cecilia Varchetta
and the first time I book with them and I must say that they seem very friendly to me now just wait to see the apartment x confirm the impression made hopefully good: smile :: smile :: smile:
Евгений Натаров
Несколько замечаний в помощь отдыхающим Не все "термины" проверены. Домик, снятый через агентство Адриатик харэ, не соответствовал описанию. Двухэтажный дом К-192, как он выглядит можно посмотреть на сайте, оказался мансардой, и вместо трех спален в нем две. В агентстве не объяснили хоть в самом общем виде, как и доехать из аэропорта до снятого жилья, притом, что просили агентов об этом много раз устно и письменно. Так что отдыхающим разумно не рассчитывать на анонсированную поддержку, и следует быть готовым к тому, что они снимут не вполне то, что собирались. Наверно нужно это уточнить дополнительно. Лучше сделать это до того, как вы переведете деньги на счет агентства, и оно потеряет к вам интерес.
August 4, 2008
Language: English original  | English (original)
Karolina Kobiela
Very nice smooth touch, well that such a service operates, makes it much easier affair: smile:
Zoltán Pesti
The service was prompt of as Precise as always, Csaba help us a lot. But now the Important Is that the description of the units and the accomodaiton nearings is real, so you get Exactly what you see. I can recommend using Their services after the second time.
Annalisa Parpineli
I renew my congratulations to the organization and courtesy of staff of the Adriatic. We certainly still guests of their homes and we know their services to our friends. Good job and thanks !!!!: happy:: happy:: happy:
Adam Juraszczyk
Fast and efficient contact, payment and reservations very efficient. We'll see how to come out holiday. Yours
Maja Knific
Healed Surroundings, sea, Selce, people - all OK and wonderful Apartment - very poor: the photo shows a bigger ants in the bedroom drain in the bathroom did not work fine toilet paper was not tersa is outside in the parking lot equipment is not regulated (cabinets are not all same) bed is a redeced sofa kitchen almost unfurnished lockers in the kitchen are not closing mistress, although friendly, but only speaks German CROATIA NO !!! Greetings to Maja, Tržič
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