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Róbert Durst
With your web site and the services I offered, I was very satisfied, the individual objects are described in detail, although some of them lacked an illustrative layout of the floor plan of a particular accommodation unit, but it is easy to select them according to the customer's preferences. I also welcome the fact that prices are in EUR and parts of kun, so holiday is relatively cheaper in terms of strengthening the crown against the euro. I found a small technical drawback, and it is stated in the prefacture that the raises of the amount must be paid by the date of about one month before the holiday, and the voucher states that the reimbursement is to be paid upon arrival to the owner's premises. she did not know what to do, or according to the prefacture, but according to the voucher. Finally, I would like to say that the detail of the small details is clear and straightforward. Sincerely, Robo D. - Levoča - Slovakia
Jindřich Ullrich
REPAIR a very professional approach. Thank you
Hi Bea! My recommendation is unfortunately I do not know because I would be the first to be present but the confirmation of my reservation is not really coming ... To your previous question, what kind of email you can write to the site owner? There is an option in the left menu bar, to CONTACT. Click here and write them there. Good luck and good vacation! : Smile:
Kiss Beáta
I would like to ask everyone to travel in good places and if it can not be too expensive, thank you! I look forward to this offer: Thanks, if I can ask for it soon because summer is here and we have no accommodation yet!
Kiss Beáta
I would like to ask you what kind of e-mail I can write to you, I have a couple of questions, maybe somebody can do it, thank you very much!
Andrzej Pudelko
Service office recommendable. All information is easily accessible and transparent
Hello, I have a very positive experience with Adriatic this year for the second time in the 2504 building in Malim Lošinju if you have someone with this apartment experience I will love when you write to me by email. Thank you
Karol Kováč
For the first time, I decided to use the CK services. Everything has gone well and I'm happy with the office. I believe that the stay will be easy and I will also like to enjoy the services of CK in the future.
Renata Nawój
I am impressed, I can not wait to go on vacation. Professional service: happy :. I will describe the impressions after returning from Croatia.:lol::lol::lol:
József Száraz
Thanks for the correct, quick and easy administration. If I can do it next time I choose you.
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