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Horiana Merisoiu
Truly a serious agency, and an exceptional site that gives you precise information on everything you want.Brothers: happy :: happy :: happy:
Teresa Mattioli
despite my particular request, I had in Vanja an available and professional person that my address was the best. I hope to find the same availability in the accommodation. Thank you so much. Teresa
Jaroslav Kotlář
So far a very pleasant impression of the operational and professional service provision. I will recommend my friends and acquaintances. I wish a lot of success in business. J. Kotlář
Absolute professionalism and friendliness in Vanja, but also his colleagues courteous. Really a team up to it. I hope that the facts confirm the seriousness. Compliments.
Veronika Molendová
Your visit to my web site has been discovered by my friend and I have to say that it was trefa do Černé. I was surprised by the large selection of accommodation, I appreciated the detailed description of the object and the surrounding area including photography. As I take the option to choose the length of the term according to my own needs, most CK offers only a week stays, which I should have, especially when you are traveling by your own car and you need to first confused on arrival and then leave. I would like to thank Mrs Jance Nad for a very professional and excellent approach.I have a nice day and now on the Adriatic .......: happy:
Rastislav Kasper
The high-quality site, individual accommodations are detailed and populated so that the visitor can decide which destination to visit. I like the method of payment for the services so it's OK.: Lol:
Tereza Ilczyszyn
The quick offer and the friendly attitude of Janka Naďa. Maybe a little less "push" for cooperation. Sometimes clients just do not respond as fast as the agency wants. In any case, I will continue to make recommendations and, next year, cooperation will come out. Thanks.
Ján Tencer
Thank you. Homolova for a conciliatory meeting and help with the vacation. We hope that our holiday will be easy. Tencer
Radovan Pír
Thanks for the professional meeting of Mrs. Pidik and we are looking forward to Drage 4.8 2007.
Federica Barrai
The agency offers a good service. I thank in particular Vanja for his availability
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