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Based on my experience (September 2005, facility No. 538 in Jelsa), I can recommend to all Croatian fans the use of the services of the ADRIATIC Bureau with full responsibility. Nice, efficient and professional service (like my previous speakers, I warmly greet you Roman), a rich offer, a well-organized website and competitive prices to other offers - all this then adds up to satisfaction and satisfaction with a successful holiday. And this is how I feel from my last year's trip, which was already my fifth vacation in Croatia. The facility leased through the agency fully met our expectations and even exceeded them. I highly recommend it and I wish you all a pleasant holiday experience.
I am very pleased with the attitude and professionalism of P.Pidikov!
We are happy, with Mrs. Pidika's approach, very willing and quick. Even though we are leaving in two months, we are very excited.
I like your site very well, but I do not really know what it is for you to tell us about the hot lake west of Croatia which is wonderful but we do not have the right to bathe in there you do not talk to us either about hopping inland: tired:
I went to Croatia and I found this splendid it was beautiful and hot I also loved the Mauritius island
At first I was worried that I had done well that I had ordered a vacation through an out-of-town travel. Now after the holidays, I can say maximum satisfaction. Despite the fact that I chose the last minute to communicate with the lady. Pidik was very nice and all the information came in time. Even the reality on the way to the building was better than the one shown in the photos so the maximum satisfaction.
Martin Roj
Very clear pages plus a willing and quick response to customer service. (Especially pidíkové): smile:
For the first time, I have used the service, I must say that access p. Pidikova was at a high level. The web pages are actually perfectly processed. There was no problem when booking your stay. Although we have decided at the last minute, they have made the most of our effort to provide us with accommodation in the object we looked at their site. Real thanks. We go 3.7.2006 and return 14.7.2006, then we will write to the guestbook as we were satisfied. We used the 955 Omiš-Duće facility. We all wish for a beautiful holiday and a happy return home.
Borsos Tamas
we go in August, so far we did not go to our name, but we have been satisfied with the office so far. I think this year there will be no disappointment with the office. Thank you in advance.
Miroslav Šrůma
Hello, the site level and the servi were greatly surprised by me. If I should recommend something, then maybe only payment card payment information. That I was not sure whether the payment was on or off for three days, it made me a little bit confused. : smile:
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