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It's impossible to imagine summer in Croatia without an image of beach springing up in your head – you can literally see yourself lying on that warm pebbles, listening to the soothing sound of waves and enjoying your tamarisk shade scent.

With its almost 6,000 km long coast Croatia offers you a handful of choices for an ideal place you can lay your beach towel down. Nice pebble beaches are most common, but Croatia boasts lots of rocky and a few sandy oasis as well. The fact that over 100 beaches are awarded Blue Flag accreditation speaks for itself about the sea and environment quality of Adriatic beaches.

Sandy, pebble or rocky; wild or nicely arranged; Robinson Crusoe style or with a great offer of summer activities – what ever type of beach you imagine, you're sure to find it in Croatia.

Accommodation Beaches

Apartments 1005
Mastrinka Apartments 1005

Mastrinka From €44.00 per day

Apartments 11460
Split Apartments 11460

Split From €30.00 per day

Vacation Rentals 9689
Vinjerac Vacation Rentals 9689

Vinjerac From €29.00 per day

Apartments 5427
Njivice Apartments 5427

Njivice From €42.00 per day

Vacation Rentals 9472
Prižba Vacation Rentals 9472

Prižba From €43.00 per day

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