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Makarska riviera – meet the Croatian "Côte d'Azur!"

Print Publicado: 04/06/21

Mixture of nature, sea and mountains – the romantic postcard of Middle Dalmatia!

In the area between Split and Dubrovnik is hidden one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia named Makarska riviera. It' 60 kilometers long but only a couple of kilometers wide since it's surrounded by mountains and the blue Adriatic. This hidden gem in the coastal area proudly carries the title of the „Dalmatian Côte d'Azur”, because it leaves no one untouched and offers a truly breathtaking experience once you see and explore it.

The view of the riviera sends out to the world probably the most recognizable postcard of the pitoresce treasure located in the heart of Dalmatia. The natural contrast of sea, sun, mountains and Mediterranean vegetation make sure you fall in love on the first sight and create an ideal romantic atmosphere blended perfectly in the intimate landscape of it's surrounding. From hidden and untouched beaches to the breathtaking unexplored destinations, that tell the story of centuries old culture, history, art and a way of life of the domestic people, Makarska Riviera will make you want to come again next year.

Besides that, on the Riviera you can enjoy the finest dining and cuisine consisted of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish which where caught or picked literally minutes before ending on your plate. The local food itself mixed with the world famous wine, olive oil and the warm family atmosphere in the local taverns and restaurants guarantees an unforgettable experience as a part of centuries old gastronomy tradition in Dalmatia.

If we have your attention, these are some pointers on what to look when you come to Makarska riviera!

The most romantic natural watercolor


Makarska riviera in the summer


If you're looking to get away for the stressful everyday life, then the intimate and quiet experience of middle Dalmatia perfectly fits in the picture. For a special relaxation mood, we recommend taking the Adriatic Tourist Road (D8) just before sunrise or sundown, so you can become a part of a natural watercolor this area creates at the beginning and at the end of the day. The sea, sun and the mountains design a unique scene making it an unforgettable visual experience you will gladly share with your familly and friends in person or by taking a picture of this natural creation in the perfect time of the day.

Joy on a palm of your hand


You can travel to the Makarska riviera by car or an airplane. With ferry lines, the Riviera is connected with Split and Dubrovnik on a daily basis

The Makarska Riviera, as a top tourist destination, is perfectly connected to the rest of Croatia and the world. You can come by car using the highway or public roads. Also, there are a lot of airlines so coming won't be a problem.

If you like the ferry rides, you will not be disappointed either. From Makarska, you can take one-day field trips to Split and the island of Brač or head to the south towards Dubrovnik in just about a few hours.

Sightseeing in Makarska - where to start?

The thing that most attracts foreign and local guests every year is the number of sights and happenings the Riviera offers. Even if you stay your whole vacation on the Riviera, you will miss out on at least a couple of things. So, if you want a dynamic vacation filled with various activities that include education, recreation, and leisure, then one thing is sure - Riviera can offer you all the above!

Nature-park Biokovo

When arriving on the Riviera, the first sight you'll get to see is the mountain and nature park Biokovo. So, Biokovo is the natural borderline between the coastal and the Dalmatian Hinterland, and it's the main reason why the Riviera is so close to the sea. Biokovo is a part of a mountain range called the Dinaric Alps, and its highest point, Sveti Jure, with more than 1762 meters, is one of the biggest in Croatia. Interestingly, you can arrive at Sveti Jure by car thanks to the highest asphalted road in Croatia or by bicycle on special tourist routes organized from Makarska. From the top, you will get to see the beautiful Brač channel, the Makarska Riviera places, and the neighboring mountains, which is a truly breathtaking experience.

Skywalk Biokovo

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the last year of 2020. was the Biokovo Skywalk. If you're brave enough, you will climb on the Skywalk, under which is a glass floor and a 300 meters deep abyss! The entrance is located in the Nature-park Biokovo, and you come to it by car after passing a couple of checkpoints on the way. The price for one person is 60 kunas.

Beaches made for relaxation, but recreation as well!

Okay, okay, enough exploring and walking because now is the time for complete leisure and enjoyment, the very best Riviera has to offer. And that, of course, are the beaches! You can find beautiful untouched beaches no matter what destination you choose: from Brela, Baška Voda, Tučepi, all the way to Makarska therewill be plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the beautiful sea and nature. One of the beaches we recommend is Buba and Nugal, which was voted of the most beautiful beaches globally in 2019. The beach is located in the nature-park Osejave, which connects Makarska I Tučepe and is ideal for cycling, running, relaxing, or just taking photographs, which you will gladly share with your friends when you come back home!

If you are more adventurous, you can go rafting on the Cetina river that is a true adrenaline enjoyment for everybody and is located not far away from the Riviera. But before going, there is one sight you should not miss, and it is the Brela Stone on the beach Punta Rata. It is one of the most popular places for travelers and one of the most recognizable symbols of Croatian tourism. As the name says it, the Brela Stone emerges from the seawater, and it has live trees growing from it.

Besides Brela and Makarska, you should visit other pitoresce tourist places like Tučepi or Baška Voda with a unique history, rich gastronomy offer, and beautiful nature. If you want help planning your trip, you can download the "Makarska riviera All In" app on your mobile phone.

Land of gastronomy, wine making and traditional music

This part of Croatia is widely known for its top restaurants, taverns and the traditional konobas which offer the best food and drink throughout the 60 kilometers riviera. That doesn't shock since the Riviera has a couple of centuries old fisherman and farming tradition that has become the main tourist brand today.

Local wine, prosciutto, cheese, fish and olive oil are considered to be one of the best in the world and offer a special gastronomy experience of this beautiful land. Try out the black rissoto, lamb and octopus or some of many delicious local dishes that include fresh fruit, vegetables, meat or fish.

This area is famous for it's top wine "Pošip", extra virgin olive oil, prosciutto and cheese

Places of the Makarska Riviera - leaders of Croatian tourism


The biggest and central place of the Riviera is Makarska. And with beautiful green and blue elements that the beaches, forests, and nature-parks create, the epithet of the most beautiful part of Croatia is well deserved. While visiting Makarska, we recommend visiting the main city square with the church of Saint Marcus and the statue of Andrija Kačić Miočić, after which you can take the beautiful stroll through Riva and Kalalarga, once the longest city streets, that now offer a true tourist paradise. You can try out the local wine and food, buy the best souvenir and get to know the mentality and the way of life in Middle Dalmatia.

The architecture is a mixture of Venice and Ottoman style and is characterized by classic Dalmatian houses built out of stone to be wind resisting. The tiny shepherd houses called kažuni that can be seen while passing through the mountain are. Many of them are now turned into accommodations so that you can check them out!

Makarska is located on two peninsulas and one of them is Saint Peters peninsula, on which you can find the same-named promenade, church, and lighthouse that makes it ideal for a one-day field trip in nature.

If you want to know how much people in the Riviera care about their guests, then checking out the monument dedicated to travelers built in 2004—and located in the city center. The locals themselves wanted to make a statue dedicated to their friends, which speaks more about the local community's mentality and friendliness.


Brela are considered to be the most recognizable part of the Riviera, right next to Makarska itself. The combination of the natural environment, crystal clear beaches lined up in a 6 kilometers long promenade with the romantic charm this place has, is just one reason why Brela are so popular with travelers. With the aforementioned Brela Stone, the second most famous part of Brela is the Punta Rata beach, which ranks one of the most beautiful beaches globally and carries the "Blue Flag" title for sea purity for a decade!

So, if you"re visiting Brela in June, don't miss the manifestation of raising the blue flag or come in August when the town is celebrating its day and the day of their savor, Saint Stephen. Also, get to know the local gastronomy based on centuries-old agriculture and visit the historical sights like the village Škrabići that contain archeological evidence from the Ilyrium time.

Baška Voda

Taste of sea, the taste of mountains is a motto of every local in Baška Voda that describes perfectly the geographical, cultural, and climate position of this tourist pearl located in the heart of the Adriatic coast. From a rural agricultural place in the past, Baška Voda today grew into a top tourist destination and set a positive example of how tradition can connect with modern times, agriculture with gastronomy, and the beautiful sea with the tourist offer so it can create a true tourist story that will attract travelers with different interests and hobbies.

The main attraction is the beach Nikolina, with the statue of Saint Nicholas, the city's protector, located near the beach area. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean that one the "Blue Flag," but also the "Blue Flower" reward for the most beautiful and preserved beach in Croatia!

Of other sights to see in Baška Voda, we recommend the archeological locality Gradina located to the well of drinking water, where the population of this area started in the old times, the square of dr. Fra Gabre Cvitanovića, The Great Pier, and Key Hip - a natural sight located by the Krvavica beach are the most famous places to visit in this pitoresce town!


If you are looking for a place to recharge and relax your body and soul, than Tučepi in the heart of the Makarska Riviera will make you leave your problems at home with its crystal clear sea, sandy, and pebble beaches, and the well knows Dalmatian atmosphere of hedonism and good living. Tučepi is located just a few kilometers away from Makarska and is connected daily with Split, Omiš, and Dubrovnik, perfect for planning on one-day field trips to the town islands. Besides the car and bus, you can take the ferry, catamaran, or a private charter to go anywhere you want!

The most recognizable part of Tučepi is the 3 kilometers long beach which is one of the longest on the coast. Tourism tradition and the rich offer of accommodation units, local "fine and dine," and nature make this place one of the most popular destinations in whole Croatia. For total leisure enjoy the beaches and local bars during the day, for partying you can go to Makarska or Split, while for sports and adrenaline lovers you can take the Zip Line, Jet Ski, Paragliding or mountain climbing on Biokovo that can be activities for the whole family as well!

Tučepi has a long history that dates back to the Ilyrium time, so there are many localities you can visit. One of them is: the church of Saint George built 700 years ago, the medieval church of Saint Anthony of Padua, and the remainings of the fortress in Upper Tučepi that protected the locals from the outside menace in the past.

So, if you want proved quality, Tučepi are the ideal destination to be!


Podgora is a place that carries the title of the most beautiful place on the Makarska Riviera for a long time. And with so many sunny days, clean beaches, city center, sea, and connection with the towns of Omiš and Split and the islands of Brač and Hvar, that doesn't surprise much. One-day field trips, excursions, adrenaline tourism, you name it! It is a paradise for the family and individuals: from water activities, tennis courts, sport playgrounds, kayaking, underwater scuba diving, while staying in Podgora, you can have the time of your life.

This top destination offers 5 kilometers long beach promenade with the most famous beaches Plišivac and Garma, located in a hidden cove perfect for relaxation and alone time. But, nature isn't everything Podgora has to offer: more than 20 churches, including the chapel and lighthouse of Iljak that is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean, the Middle Age church of Saint Tekla, and the historic city core of Upper and Lower Podgora that tells the story of first natives and the way of life, mentality and architecture that shape and created Podgora we know today!

If you are planing on a vacation in August, than visit Podgora that celebrates its day and the day of its savoir, Saint Vicenzo, which offers a true introduction into the culture and a way of life of domestic people. From outdoor activities over to the gastronomy and wine tours, historical routes, you will learn a lot about Dalmatia and its way of life and why is Podgora such a unique place and a true pearl in the heart of the Makarska Riviera.


Podaca is a place on the Riviera ideal for field trips and enjoyment in the local cuisine, wine, and sea. Like any place in the seaside, Podaca is divided into the old, upper part with the Roman and Ilyrium time remainings. The lower part where the locals live in three villages and are tourism orientated. Right there is where you will feel the true, warm, hospitality atmosphere in the historical ambient of Old Dalmatia if you visit some of the local taverns or konobas.

There are many little archeological foundings in this area that are connected with the Stone Age, the Antics, and the Middle Ages, like the castle in the old village that defended the city. The locals left Upper Podaca after the earthquake in 1962, which struck all across the Riviera, making Upper Podaca a real-life historical monument of old times.

In Podaca is preserved the old -Croatian church of Saint John with the tombs of Kačić noble family, while the main attractions in this little place are the pebble beaches located in the shades of centuries-old pinewood trees. Some of them are Ravanje, the Podaca beach, Kapeć, Lučica and Podkapeć. For a true domestic feeling, we recommend choosing accommodation in traditional Dalmatian houses that give an authentic experience to its visitors.

For every taste


On the Riviera you can find something for yourselves, but also for your friends, family and children

Since the time of the Antic Romans and Greeks, these areas have been a core of civilization which is seen in many monuments and cultural and religious objects that tell the tale of the time they where built in. From the Antic to the middle ages, all the way to the modern times, meeting through the Makarska Riviera you will get to meet the culture, mentality and a way of life of the land.

Also, summer time in the Riviera is one of the most active and live ones in whole of Croatia. From cylcling in the mountain areas of Biokovo, over to the "Makarska Culture Summer", "Craft Beer Fest" or just partying in some of many famous night clubs like "Deep" or "Peter Pan", good times are guaranteed in the Middle Dalmatia! So, when you come to the Riviera, explore and become a part of many cultural, music or sports event that make a rich summer programme adjusted to anybodies taste!

If you are interested, take a look on the apartment and rental options on our websites and start planning on an unforgettable summer before us!



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