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Adriatic games - fun without frontiers

Print Gepubliceerd: 13-07-11
 Adriatic games - fun without frontiers

There must have been countless times when you wished to recreate the carefree days of childhood, spent in thinking up and doing mischief, and being punished only by dessert rationing for dinner. Everyone with such a playful spirit - welcome to the Adriatic games, an updated version of the Games without frontiers.
The Adriatic games are made up of twelve disciplines inspired by the traditional life of coastal people, and as such as infused with playfulness and good cheer. Particularly exciting are: the rescue of the "drowning" tourist lady, flying waterpolo, donkey race, water caterpillar and the ham climb. Most of the Adriatic games features local teams, but visitors can join in simply by being at the right time in one of the thirty-seven towns where the games take place. The award given to the winners - usually the most mischievous team - is a fire truck! This kind of "trophy" shows a growing awareness of fire protection.
The Adriatic games go on all summer long, so if you miss any of the local instalments, be sure not to miss the grand finale on September 4 in Biograd na Moru. Whether you are an active participant or merely a spectator, you are certain to be thoroughly entertained, breathless with laughter, and maybe even rewarded. So, don't be ashamed! Be at your mischievous best!



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