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Search parameters

Supported search parameters

Here is the list of supported search parameteres. These can be used for creating custom requests when using our Frame or HTML service. The parameters are listed as one parameter, its type and description per line.

Request parameters

fromdateBeginning of interval. Allowed format is YYYY-MM-DD.
todateEnd of interval. Allowed format is YYYY-MM-DD.
deviationboolAllow slight shifting of given date interval to find more accommodation units. Default value is 1.
ttypeComma delimited list of accommodation unit types. Example: "apartment,room". Supported types are:
  • house
  • apartment
  • studio-apartment
  • room
idintComma delimited list of house IDs. Example: "1005,1006". Use case example - if you want to get a price range of desired house(s).
id_refintReferent house ID, used for distance sort type.
coord_latfloatReferent latitude coordinate, used for distance sort type.
coord_lngfloatReferent longitude coordinate, used for distance sort type.
kit_roomboolUse of kitchen for units of type room. Default value is 0.
personsintNumber of persons.
p_distboolAllow to split persons in more than one accommodation unit inside the house. Default value is 0.
categorytypeHouse category. Supported types are:
  • luxury
  • pool
  • house
  • pension
  • family_owned_hotel
  • family_friendly
  • beach
  • quiet
  • robinson
Supports multiple values separated by ',' (AND operator) or '|' (OR operator).
prc_minfloatMinimal price in EUR (per day). Default value is 0.
prc_maxfloatMaximal price in EUR (per day).
prc_lowboolLow-price accommodation. Default value is 0.
b_bboolBest buy accommodation. Default value is 0.
dc_ttypeDiscount type. Supported types are:
  • all_discounts
  • special
  • special_term
  • last_minute
locationstringKeywords for textual search (geography location names only).
location_idstringGeography location ID.
ri_ttypeRiviera type. Supported types are:
  • mainland_not_sea_coast
  • mainland_sea_coast
  • island
  • islands
  • island_bridge
Supports multiple values separated by '|' (OR operator).
landtypeLand type. Supported types are:
  • mainland
  • island_bridge
  • island
Supports multiple values separated by '|' (OR operator).
pl_ttypePlace type. Supported types are:
  • large_city
  • tourist_city
  • small_city
  • cove
Supports multiple values separated by '|' (OR operator).
be_ttypeBeach type. Supported types are:
  • sand
  • pebble
Supports multiple values separated by '|' (OR operator).
be_dintMaximal house to beach distance.
isolationboolHouse is located in isolation. Default value is 0.
poolboolHouse with pool. Default value is 0.
acboolAccommodation unit with air conditioner. Default value is 0.
stvboolAccommodation unit with satellite TV. Default value is 0.
foodboolHouse with food service. Default value is 0.
petboolHouse with pet approval. Default value is 0.
boatboolHouse with boat rent service. Default value is 0.
moorboolHouse with boat moor. Default value is 0.
outer_view_seaboolHouse with sea view. Default value is 0.
outer_grillboolHouse with outer grill. Default value is 0.
inetboolHouse with internet. Default value is 0.
bedroomsintNumber of bedrooms. It can be used in combination with p_dist param.
parkingboolHouse with parking. Default value is 0.
obboolOnline booking - Book the apartment right away! Adriatic.hr guarantees the availability of facilities in this program. Default value is 0.
sorttypeSort criterion. Supported types are:
  • standard
  • price
  • beach - Distance from the beach.
  • grade - Guest grade average.
  • distance - Houses that have straight line distance from the referent house(defined by the id_ref parameter) shorter than 1000m. If the referent house does not have GPS coordinates defined, result set is empty.
Default value is standard.
sort_dirtypeSort direction. Supported types are:
  • asc - Ascending
  • desc - Descending
Default value is asc.
pageintPage number. Default value is 1.

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