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Town: Vis

The northeastern parts of Vis is where the eponymous town is girt with hills and vineyards, while those coming in by sea are greeted by the islet called Host and the Prirovo peninsula. The sheltered cove of Saint George has made Vis an attractive destination as early as the fourth century BC, which is well-attested by the ancient remains of the Issa city-state.Numerous naval battles fought over this... More »
Riviera Island Vis

Riviera: Island Vis

Come to the island of Vis and find out why all its visitors call it superb and magnificent. In our offer of accommodation on Vis you can find more than 250 units, of... More »
Region Dalmatia

Region: Dalmatia

Dalmatia is an extremely large region. It can be divided into the North, Central and South Dalmatia. Regardless of its geographical location, Dalmatia is specific for... More »
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