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Introduction Page

Recommending programme is the easiest business cooperation option for our partners. It takes little effort and everyone can join.

Recommending agents introduce their friends and acquaintances through casual conversation to vacation options on the Adriatic provided by Adriatic.hr.

If a person which you referred to us makes a reservation of services on our offer, he/she realizes a 5 % discount on the reserved vacation service and the recommending agent earns profit in amount of 5 % of (of total sales realized). To realize the discount and profit, all that the person has to do is enter the code of the recommending agent who directed them to Adriatic.hr in the designated field when filling in the reservation form.

A 5 % discount on the basis of recommending reference can be realized by those guests who use our services for the first time only, i.e. the guests that have visited our web site on their friends' or acquaintances' recommendation. Guests who have already used our services or reserved our services through Adriatic.hr sub agent network are not entitled to discount.

Discount is calculated for basic service only (accommodation with no extra services or vessel charter only).

Earned profit is paid in two ways to the recommending partner:

  • If the recommending partner is legal entity, he/she can make out an invoice on marketing service and the earned profits will be paid to the partner's bank account (bank transfer costs are borne by the recommending partner)
  • Other recommending partners (natural persons) can use the earned amount as a discount on any Adriatic.hr service reserved in the following accounting periods after the currrent accounting period expires.
Accounting period lasts from 1.10. till 30. 9. Earned profit can be paid after the accounting period expires (for legal entities to their account and for natural persons it will be realized as a discount).

Recommending partner who realizes at least 5 reservations with recommendation is entitled to an additional bonus in amount of 50 €. Recommending partner who relizes at least 8 reservation with recommendation is entitled to an additional bonus in amount of 100 €. One reservation means one paid reservation request regardless of the number of the reserved accommodation units and persons. Total number of realized reservations does not include cancelled reservations.

The amount realized cannot be transferred to third parties.

Two guests going on vacation in the same season cannot be each other's recommending partners, i.e. guests cannot realize both 5 % discount and 5 % of profit, only one of them can realize the discount and the other can realize the profit.

The recommending agent code is your e-mail address stated upon registration. The persons referred to us by you will use it to realize the discount on the reserved vacation.

If you apply for our recommending programme, right upon your registration we will send you an e-mail with access data to the user pages of our web site where you will have a detailed insight into your statistics and earned profits.

This type of business cooperation strengthens our mutual confidence as the accuracy of the user part of our web site and your personal statistics and profits is easily compared to the real state because of your personal acquaintance with the persons referred to us by you.

By joining the Adriatic.hr recommending programme you have the opportunity to realize additional profit and your friends have the opportunity to spend a low-cost vacation on the Adriatic. Fill in the registration form and become Adriatic.hr recommending agent.

If you have any questions or doubts feel free to contact us by e-mail recommending@adriatic.hr. Our personnel is at your disposal!

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