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Adriatic.hr XML Service is a web service you can use to seamlessly integrate Adriatic.hr services into your web site.

You can display Adriatic.hr offer of private accommodation and provide online booking for your visitors, while retaining the look-and-feel of your web site.

Key benefits

Although there are other ways to integrate Adriatic.hr product information into your web site (see affiliate frame), the XML service offers some distinct features.

  • You receive product data in a unified XML format that can be used by your own application
  • Have up to date information on product availability and prices available to you at any time
  • Build custom presentations of Adriatic.hr products to attract more visitors and increase your affiliate revenue. You have complete control over what what data will be displayed, and in which manner
  • If you are registered as a subagent partner, you can integrate product data with an existing reservation system to provide sales or use our own reservation system to do so

Getting started

  1. Become a registered affiliate or agency partner
  2. Familiarize yourself with Adriatic.hr XML Service API
  3. Create your own application ID (AID) and private key
  4. Make service requests to retrieve data and use data in your application

Technical support

We offer limited technical support to help you get started with XML service. A basic knowledge of programming language and familiarity with XML is assumed.

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