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Guide - Culture




If you are interested in culture you should know that almost every part of Croatia has something to show you from the country's rich cultural heritage. It is hard to sum up these beauties in one sentence but in a way we could say that Croatian culture goes back from cave paintings to the moment you tied your cravat this morning.

In the north Croatia will meet you with a number of prehistoric sites, the most famous of which is Krapina with its Neanderthal remains. The continental part of Croatia reflects Central European cultural influences and is rich with castles and forts dating back to the Middle Ages and Baroque.

The Adriatic region of Croatia is abundant with old cultural remains as well. So do not be surprised if you stumble upon an old Illyrian tumulus while taking a nature walk. Artifacts such as that one tell us a story about the region's ancient inhabitants and their burial customs.
Roman ancient culture left the greatest cultural mark in the region. Remains of old cities – temples, thermae, streets – are today cultural sites which Croatia takes great care of. The most beautiful examples of ancient Roman architecture are Diocletian's Palace in the city of Split and Arena amphitheater in the city of Pula.
A great number of little churches from the Middle Ages signify not only the long history of Catholicism in this area, but are also a fascinating example of Romanesque architecture. The city of Trogir is the most popular representative of this style. The Renaissance also left a great mark in this area. This is especially true in the case of Dubrovnik – considered by many as Croatia's most beautiful city.

Maybe the most precise and concise proof of Croatia's cultural heritage is UNESCO list of world heritage and intangible cultural heritage in Croatia.

Another thing we should mention in this short introduction into Croatian culture is kravata – i.e. cravat or a tie. You might wonder how has a fashion item ended up here among the ancient Roman remains and Renaissance palaces?
Well, centuries ago European monarchs enlisted in their battles Croatian mercenaries whose military uniform was distinctive for its hand-painted scarf knotted at the neck. Eventually this scarf developed into the tie we all know today and became an almost essential part of men clothing.

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