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Fuel cost refund

Fuel cost refund

Guests who stayed in private accommodation last year and are planning to do that again have an opportunity for yet another saving - up to 100% fuel cost refund.

The cost amount of one full fuel tank filled during vacation in Croatia in 2018 will be refunded in a form of a reservation discount for private accommodation in 2019.

The sooner you book private accommodation for 2019, the bigger the refund amount will be:

  • book private accommodation from our offer by 31. 12. 2018. and you will get 100% fuel cost refund
  • book private accommodation from our offer by 31. 3. 2019. and you will get 50% fuel cost refund

This discount can be used exclusively with our special ''Highway toll reimbursement'' offer.

This offer can be used by those guests who have booked private accommodation from our offer for at least 7 days in previous and this season, and the amount of each reservation must be at least 900€.

Get more info on terms and conditions of "Fuel cost refund" offer: Terms
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