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Lumbarda, Island Korčula




The small fishing town of Lumbarda is found on the easternmost part of the island of Korčula. The sandy bay is rimmed by gentle hills whose tops still carry the remains of prehistoric Illyrian stone forts. Numerous traces of Greek and Roman habitation can be seen around Lumbarda, as well as those more recent Venetian rule. There are also timeless art works inspired by the town's ambience.
The sand for which the town is famed covers not only the beaches, but also the vineyards, where a unique autochtonous grape variety known as Grk ("The Greek") is grown and made into the white wine of the same name.

Lumbarda woven through two millennia

Lumbarda was founded atop Koludrt hill some 2300 years ago by the Greeks, which event was commemorated on the stone inscription known as the Lumbarda Psephisma. When the Romans departed, leaving behind only a country estate with its carven stone blocks, Lumbarda returned into the wilderness and remained there for long.

Its rebirth is attested by the churches of Saint John and Saint Barbara, built during the thirteenth century. The period spent within the boundaries of the Republic of Venice was marked by the construction of many small churches. Also, the bishops and nobles of Korčula built their summer residences here in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, giving Lumbarda its trademark image which still remains. Some of these remarkable edifices are still inhabited. Many have served as the wellspring of artists' inspiration.

Lumbarda - fun in the sand

Lumbarda's well-known feature, beaches covered with silky white sand, is very unusual for the Adriatic coast. The beaches Vela Pržina, Bilin žal and Tatinja are especially beloved of children due to their wide shallows. Adventurers will wish to explore the surrounding waters, populated by about two dozen islets, equally interesting to yachters and divers.

The reddish sandy soil continues to bring forth the unique golden wine called the Grk. The traditional feast known as Lumbarajske užance (meaning Lumbardan customs) can hardly be imagined without its delectable flavor. This summer festival showcases the traditional lifestyle, with a focus on song and dance, and will give you a chance to hone your sand castle making skills.

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Lumbarda, Korčula - What to do, what to see?

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