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Island Ugljan, North Dalmatia - Top sights and holiday destinations


Island Ugljan

Ugljan island

Ugljan Island is one of the largest islands of the Zadar archipelago. Some of the most popular places where you can find an apartment or a room from our offer are Kali, Ugljan, Kukljica and Preko. Accommodation in our offer is diverse and is usually located near the beach or overlooking the sea. We offer a wide selection of accommodation – more than 300 units of various types. Except standard apartments and rooms, you will find villas and holiday houses. Almost all the accommodation offered on Ugljan is air conditioned and is located only up to 200 meters from the beach. The beaches in the northern part of the island are properly taken care of and are very popular among tourists, while the beaches on the south side of the island are more secluded.

The island of Ugljan is only a short sail away from Zadar. This location offers an excellent combination of an idyllic holiday, a step outside of time while also enjoying the proxymity of urban bustle, when one wishes for it. Ugljan island unlocks the secrets of its picturesque places with a long tradition of fishing and greets its visitors to a "garden" of 200 000 olive trees. Villas and mausoleums from antiquity, olive-lined walkways, waters that could have been custom-made for diving, and of course the numerous beaches all together guarantee that Ugljan is the right place for your fabulous holiday.

Ugljan island - open the chest of the old Mediterranean

As soon as you step onto Ugljan, Preko town welcomes you into a true Mediterranean environment. Typical Dalmatian stone houses are harmoniously arranged in a town across the channel from Zadar (as its name suggests, "preko", meaning "across"), the urban center of Northern Dalmatia.

The small villages of Ugljan lined up in their neat coves are very swimmer-friendly. Batalaža, Sutomišćica and Lukoran are positioned well enough to have once lured the Zadar aristocracy to build their summer homes in these "slices of heaven" and what remains of this ancient tourist tradition can still be seen today.

If you want to feel the genuine spirit of the island's past, "the" place to go on Ugljan is Kali. This town is the unofficial fishing capital of the Adriatic. Numerous boats squeezed in its two harbors and an army of fishermen mending their nets and getting ready to set sail will vividly bring to life times long gone. Narrow stone streets climb a hill whose peak offers a wonderful panorama of Kali and the big blue which surrounds it.

Ugljan, the insular garden of millennial olive trees

Few Mediterranean specialties can be prepared without a drop of olive oil, and few places are as imbued by its scent as the island of Ugljan. On a surface of merely fifty square kilometers, there are as many as 200 000 olive trees. Their millennial tradition is a more than sufficient recommendation to explore these ancient landscapes in which the Mediterranean culture is tended with loving care. The aromas and flavors of the local specialties are particularly good examples.

Ugljan island, therapy for both mind and body

The island of Ugljan is an ideal destination for those who seek spiritual peace. The numerous pathways which criscross the island lead to vantage points where the mind and the body relax in perfect harmony. If the underwater sights attract you, the submerged wealth of Ugljan will delight you.

Lovers of tradition will come to their own during the Week of fritule and folklore, when the local dishes and customs are brought out from the closet. A particularly interesting event takes place annually in Kukljica - a procession of ships and boats marks the occasion of five hundred years ago, when, according to legend, it snowed in midsummer.

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Island Ugljan - What to do, what to see?

Accommodation Island Ugljan

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