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Primošten, Primošten




During the sixteenth century, when the danger of Turkish raids had ceased, the inhabitants of Gola glava islet bridged the channel diving them from the mainland, and the proper history of Primošten (meaning literally the Bridged) was underway. The long dry spells of the local climate earned the place the name Suha punta (Dry point). However, the industry of the population sufficed to build vineyards in the stony ground. Their delicious fruits are still today made into the famed wine Babić. A holidaymaking tradition incepted more than half a century ago has turned Primošten into one of Croatia's foremost travel destinations. The town's landscaping and urban layout were recently given the Golden flower of Europe award.

Primošten - tamed nature becomes wine

The hilly peninsula of Primošten features the narrow old town streets wrapped around the Parish church of Saint George. The half-millennial church still holds onto its great treasure, the eighteenth-century icon of the Blessed Virgin encased in silver. Its location on the highest point of the hilly peninsula happens to make it an excellent vantage point.

A source of great pride in Primošten is the stone lacework of the Bucavac vineyard. This powerful symbol of human effort was immortalized in a giant photograph hanging in the atrium of the United Nations building. The Kremik marina, located under the foothills of the ancient vineyards, is among the most picturesque sites in Croatia, while its deep cove makes it also one of the most sheltered.

The famed Babić can be tasted all along the Wine road. In many villages in Primošten's interior, a lesson about winemaking can also be learned along the way.

Primošten - a beach city in a musical rhythm

Lots of wet fun is to be found on Primošten's beaches, often included in lists of Croatia's best. Velika and Mala (Greater and Lesser) Raduča will surely satisfy anyone looking for a hingle beach, while adventurers will jump at the chance to explore the seven nearby islets.

The uninhabited islet of Smokvica is a naturist's paradise, while divers flock to its submerged hundred-foot wall populated with sponges, fish and lobsters.

Primoštenske užance, or the Customs of Primošten, are a folklore festival where old games are played and accompanied with traditional singing. The energy of modern beats, on the other hand, awaits at the Aurora nightclub.

Primošten - What to do, what to see?

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