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Kali, Island Ugljan




Kali is the largest town on the island of Ugljan. It can be found between the two harbors in the northeast and Lamjana cove in the southwest. The well-preserved traditional Dalmatian architecture give Kali an aura of antiquity, while the fishing nets and anchors seen everywhere testify to the fact that the fishing industry is still going strong.

It should come as no surprise that the fishing tradition found its place to the dinner table. A plate of the very finest seafood delicacies is to be expected at Kali. This holds true no matter if you opt for dinner on a seaside terrace, or mean it as a metre introduction to one of the numerous folk festivals taking place in the town's streets.

Kali - a tasty morsel of "Mediterranean as it once was"

The old core of Kali, the citadel named Siget, can be found atop a small hill, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Scenic Dalmatian homes and intervowen alleyways of the old town are perhaps the finest justification of the slogan of Croatian tourism - Mediterranean as it once was.

Kali can enjoy the tranquil life of a fishing harbor town, watched over as it is by the Baroque church of Saint Lawrence, the town's patron saint. The colorful local dialect, often featuring seemingly belligerent tones, is heard most clearly on the Braski dvor, the main town square where much of Kali's public life takes place.

Kali - golden beaches and savory fish

"Do you know the way to golden shingles" is a line from a song celebrating Kali. The "gold" in question, found in hidden coves amidst lush greenery and the shimmering blue expanse will lull the visitor into the perfect summer aquarelle.
The hinterland of Kali is dappled with tracks that will delight walkers and cyclists. The Venetian fort of Saint Michael awaits as a finish line prize, with its unforgettable vistas.
Kali is home to one of the oldest fishermen's feasts on the Adriatic - the Tunuare. A chief feature of this event is the procession of shipping boats along the Zadar channel; it becomes even more interesting if watched from the shore while eating the traditional Kali brodetto or one of the hundred or so ways in which tuna is prepared here.

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Kali, Ugljan - What to do, what to see?

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