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Medulin, Medulin




The southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula features one of its jewels - the town of Medulin. A pleasant climate and lush scenery have made this destination a favorite Adriatic holiday spot many years ago. Another way to look at Medulin is as an open-air museum. For the past half-century, countless visitors have enjoyed Medulin as the perfect place to recuperate and rest, while walking in the footsteps of times long gone.

Medulin - the climate's timeless appeal

Medulin has for centuries been a place of fishermen and farmers, which can still be seen in the orderly fields of its green interior, and the nets and small boats around the town's harbor.

This charming atmosphere has served as a major attraction of Medulin for centuries. Even the ancient Romans found Medulin to be an excellent holiday destination. The remains of their imposing villas in the town's center, on the Vižula peninsula, are certain to draw the interest of culturally-minded visitors. They continue to astound archeologists as further insight is gained into the highly-developed heating and thermal bath systems they once boasted of.

Testimonials to even more ancient cultures which once inhabited this area are scattered around the top of Vrčevan hill; the most prominent among these is a tower dating back to the Bronze Age.

Medulin brings this ancient tradition back to life through a number of attractive events. Istra Hand Made is an arts and crafts fair that goes on throughout the summer, where authentic Istrian souvenirs can be bought. Istra Gourment, a parade of the aromas and flavors of the region's fine dining, will capture the imagination of visitors with exquisite tastes.

Medulin - a town full of beautiful beaches and strange surprises

The beauty and diversity of the beaches around Medulin never ceases to amaze. The winner of their beauty pageant is in most people's eyes Bijeca, a long sandy beach inside the town itself, a favorite of both visitors and their hosts.

An exploration of Medulin's landmarks will take you to one of the uninhabited islets in the surrounding waters, or else to ancient towers and windmills - or to a quaint duck pond.

You can acquaint yourself with the musical side of Medulin at the Rockabilly festival, or immerse yourself in the classical melodies at the Medulin concert summer.

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Medulin - What to do, what to see?

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