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Funtana, Poreč




Funtana is found amidst an idyllic empire woven together out of islands, coves and reefs. This small wellspring of tourism on the seductive Istrian coast has attracted many to its embrace for centuries now thanks to the clear springs to which it owes its name (which means simply "fountain.") Funtana is replete with opportunities to discover the greens and blues of Istria through various entertaining activities.

Funtana in the drops of aristocratic past

Inexhaustible springs of clear water on this small slice of the Istrian peninsula have created an oasis from which Funtana sprang up. On its coast lulled into green idyll, this old fishing town was known by many names, from Uvala all the way to the Roman name Fontane di Pace - the Springs of peace.

The town's history is intervowen with the Renaissance castle built by the Borisi, Counts of Funtana, in 1610. Around this protected cultural monument and the Church of Saint Bernard from 1621 there are Istrian stone houses arranged in neat rows, all gathered under the name of Funtana. The town is dominated by the hundred-foot bell tower, whose peals have been inviting the faithful since the seventeenth century. The church's interior contains an impressive collection of sacral art.

Funtana - an inexhaustible spring of active holidays

The small Istrian town of Funtana fills its nights with the sounds of jazz and its folklore tradition, while initiating street celebration with its fishermen's feasts.

Visitors who prefer silence and natural harmony will enjoy exploring the footpaths criscrossing the green environs. The more ambitious explorer is encouraged to try horseback riding, while the most impressive natural wealth of Funtana is hidden by the waters. Those wishing for a diving adventure can hardly hope for a more favorable destination.

Unforgettable memories are written down in Funtana's Dinopark, where visitors are greeted by life-size replicas of the dinosaurs which once strolled through this part of Istria.

Funtana, Poreč - What to do, what to see?

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