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Krk, Island Krk




The Mediterranean town of Krk, on the golden island of the same name, is a place of enchanting millennial history. The very oldest inscription found here so far, the fourth-century Splendidissima reveals the town's beauty, which is described as the most glorious. A replica of this flattering stone inscription can today be seen on Veli Plac, the main town square. From this central location, traditional folk melodies spill across the medieval streets all summer long.

Krk - a glorious town chiseled through centuries of inspiration

The flow of history between the first century BC and the fifteenth century AD has seen Krk girded with stone walls, where the layers of its stormy past are in evidence. The remains of monumental fortifications decorate Krk even inside its walls - the aristocratic Frankopan family built a tower here in the twelfth century.

The town's historical ambience is rounded up by the gorgeous Baroque dome atope the impressive Krk cathedral. In its vicinity, there waits the surprising presence of two churches inside the same building. Besides its two storeys, the double church of Saint Quirinus and Saint Margaret enthralls visitors with the arched ceilings - a truly unique example of sculptoral fantasy.

Medieval Krk town in search of hidden treasure

Another unique property of Krk is the celebration of Saint Lawrence, the town's patron saint whose church is no longer in existence. Traces of the vanished sanctuary have been maintained in the Lovrečeva tradition - a Krk fair which once brought together traders from all over Europe. This unforgettable spectacle wins visitors over with the sights of medieval fairgrounds, as well as traditional souvenirs and the flavors of the island's delicacies.

Krk town will entertain visitors also with the reenactment of a naval battle from the year 1524. According to legend, pirates' treasure has lain hidden somewhere under the waves around Krk ever since. Numerous sailboats which give the tourists a chance to explore the deep blue and look for the aforementioned treasure are an attractive addition to the list of activities Krk visitors can enjoy in the summer months.

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Krk - What to do, what to see?

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