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Mali Lošinj, Island Lošinj


Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj is the largest island town in the Adriatic and a true pearl of Croatian tourism. Visitors have been flocking for years to its well-cared-for streets and squares, clean seas and a multitude of facilities, all of which contributed to the town winning the Silver flower of Europe award.

The unique microclimate of Mali Lošinj had made it into a favorite therapeutical holiday spot. This effect, if not the reputation, lingers still; the enchanting nature will give you the impression of being somewhere quite outside the daily grind.

Mali Lošinj and the great Greek athleteAlongside natural beauties, the cultural heritage of Mali Lošinj is a real feast for the eyes. A handsome combination of sacral architecture and the fruits of traditional Mediterranean construction makes for island idyll, given especial timbre by the centennial villas and summer houses.

Certainly the most intriguing of the cultural monuments is the bronze statue known as the Apoxyomenos. Mali Lošinj treasured it beneath the waves for centuries. It was recently discovered and restored, and this attractive statue of an ancient Greek athlete is now on display in a museum dedicated to it.

The old naval tradition of Mali Lošinj is attested around every corner. This is particularly true near the old harbor, shipyard and the votive church Annunziata in Čikat cove, the walls of which are painted with sailboat motifs.

Mali Lošinj - a starry holiday flavored by the sea

Mali Lošinj has been known to take its visitors to the stars, should they happen to visit the old observatory or attend the "Night under the stars" event, held in memory of the astronomer Leo Brenner. The magic of space exploration is thus being kept alive in Lošinj by the great man's admirers.

The Fishing games and A round of folklore are popular events, for which the spirit of past times gushes forth from the town, and the visitors are given a chance to try the island's iconic specialties, the key ingredient to all of which is the incredible variety of herbs that grows here. Such a feast can hardly go without a coating of the pride of Lošinj's vineyards - the wine known as Trojišćina.

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Mali Lošinj, Lošinj - What to do, what to see?

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