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Pag, Island Pag




In a rocky desert unbroken by tall trees, intervowen by dry stone walls and cycling tracks, the medieval Pag town connects the two sides of its deep and narrow by by two bridges. The town is as old as its first salt pan. This town of impressive endurance delights the visitor with its lush carnival in such a sparse landscape.

Thin grasses and tenacious sage, immortelle and lavender, along with the salt-tinged north wind come together to form the Spartan environment in which the famous Pag specialties are born: lamb and cheese. Throughout history, the cheese was more sought after than the lamb, and young lambs feasted on aromatic herbs, while the milk was set aside for the golden wheels of delicacy. Let the flavors of unforgettable adventure wash over you in the scented streets of Pag.

Pag in white and yellow gold

Pag will reveal its treasures to you in the Benedictine monastery of Saint Margaret. At the very entrance, the nuns will offer you a taste of biscotti prepared in accordance with a fifteenth century recipe. The local population enjoys these crunchy snacks more than any cake.

The Benedictine school of needleworking has been teaching the young ladies of Pag this delicate skill. The island's tradition of lacemaking has for centuries served to decorate the white details of traditional folk costumes. More recently, this skill and its products have made their way to the UNESCO intangible global cultural heritage list.

Another famous Pag whiteness comes from its salt. The town's nine salt warehouses dating back to the fifteenth century are supreme examples of early industrial architecture. In the first one, a traditional salt mill can be seen, as well as centennial equipment used for salt harvesting.

Pag - where fun meets history

Skrivant tower, the only survivor of Pag's nine defensive towers, hosts art exibitions, festivals, plays... while the streets of Pag host the centuries-old traditional carnival. Its unique properties include a folk play called The Slave Girl, which opens the proceedings, and ends with a simple, yet elaborate collective dance, the kolo. Feel free to join in - everyone on the town's main square participates, by the Prince's palace and the church of Saint Mary.

Let the winds give you the gift of thrill - the mistral will steady your pace, while the north wind, bura or bora, will carry you away at up to 80 kilometers per hour (about 50 mph.) The well-cared for cycling tracks will provide similar excitement, along with the panoramas of islands and Mount Velebit. An underwater diving adventure is the ideal precursor to a relaxing session somewhere on Pag town's 27 kilometers of beaches - a stretch of sand, shingle or rock is waiting somewhere just for you.

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