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  • What is affiliate program?
Affiliate program allows you to earn extra profit with your website. You earn a commission for each reservation of Adriatic.hr services made by a visitor through your website. There are several ways for you to display Adriatic.hr offer on your website:
by placing banner and redirecting the guest to our website
by displaying Adriatic.hr FRAME service
by integrating our offer into your system using XML service
by using JavaScript service

Guest can make a reservation of Adriatic.hr services on your website by using the above mentioned services or you can redirect them to our website by using your Website ID.
We do the rest. You don't have to communicate with guests in any way because the Agency provides them with full service - from the initial reservation, paying and successful realization to possible complaints.
  • How does it work?
There are several ways to become our affiliate partner.
After completing the online application form you create your unique affiliate URL which you then place on specific words or banners on your web pages. On our website you can find a wide selection of banners that will connect our two websites through the affiliate URL.
That kind of connection in combination with cookies allows us to monitor activities of each redirected visitor. As soon as the system registers that the redirected visitor made the payment, the commission you earned is automatically calculated to your affiliate account.
You can also connect by using our Frame, XML or JavaScript services. Implementation and use of each service is described within your affiliate profile.
  • How do I create affiliate URL if I'm redirecting guests to your website?
After the initial registration you need to register within your user interface all the websites you will use to redirect visitors to us (New website). After that choose Generator -> Affiliate link generator in the menu - there you can enter website to which you lead your guests and we will generate links for each of your websites.
  • If owners have more than one website do they have to register each as a new affiliate partner.
No. In the registration process you can register more than one website within the same affiliate profile with just few simple steps. The total profit you have earned by redirecting visitors from your websites is then calculated in one joint account. However, for the sake of statistics and performance evaluation, you also have detailed insight into financial results and total traffic of each website separately.
  • What is cookie and how does it work?
Cookie allows us to monitor activities of redirected visitors and to calculate you commission. Cookie is an option that must be enabled in the user's browser. Cookie receives and saves text files which are then used for identification of users. For the purpose of affiliate program cookie also saves your affiliate ID.
Our affiliate program assigns commission to the last affiliate click within the last 3 months.
  • How do I know that a certain service was booked and the total status of my commission?
Our affiliate program includes a very developed user interface which enables the affiliate partner to track and monitor in detail their statistics. You will get all the data necessary for accessing the user's part of affiliate program in the welcoming e-mail. Within your user interface you will have a simple and clear insight into each reservation for which you are entitled to a commission, the amount of commission for each reservation and the total profit you have earned.
  • When do I get my commission paid and how?
Profit calculation for the Partner's services is done on a monthly basis for all the reservations that were realized in the previous month. The Partner is obliged to issue a valid invoice for the commission calculation of the previous month by the 10th of the current month. The Agency is obliged to make the payment within 10 working days of receiving the invoice.

The invoice should contain the following:
company name
VAT number
invoice number
IBAN and SWIFT code
stamp and authorized signature

and it should be addressed to:
Adriatic.hr d.o.o.
Poljička cesta 26
21000 Split
VAT number: HR16364086764

Commission approved for the Partner does not include the Croatian VAT (20%). Based on the reverse charge procedure, the Agency assumes the obligation to pay the VAT according to the legislation of the Republic of Croatia. The Partner issues the Agency an invoice for the commission. The VAT reverse charge should be clearly stated on the invoice.
  • Is the number of visitors of my website condition for the membership in your affiliate program?
Number of visitors of your website doesn't affect our decision to accept your website in our affiliate program, although it's logical to expect that more traffic leads to higher conversion numbers, which ultimately increases the earned commission.
  • What do I have to in order to become an active Adriatic.hr affiliate partner?
In order to become our active affiliate partner you have to do three simple things:
  1. read the affiliate cooperation agreement
  2. complete the online application form
  3. choose how you want to offer our services to your visitors (by using FRAME service, JavaScript, redirection, XML service...)
  • What is the cost of entering your affiliate program?
Joining our affiliate program is completely free.
  • Does active membership in another affiliate program prevent me from becoming a partner in Adriatic.hr affiliate program?
No. Adriatic.hr affiliate program does not imply any exclusivity clause and you are free to be a partner in similar affiliate programs of other companies.
For any additional questions please contact us on affiliate@adriatic.hr. Our staff is at your disposal.

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