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Introduction to the web services

Web services enable affiliate partners to download data and display the content directly on the affiliate partner's web site.

Download display of the offer, accommodation unit images or search form to your web site.

Web services represent the Adriatic.hr data in a more interactive and content-rich manner than the classic banner advertising, leading to more users being redirected from your web site.

Visitors are redirected by links

Services are invoked by including HTML code

To display the content within the affiliate's web site content, please copy a part of HTML code into the page source.

By copying the HTML code, the frame with data on the last minute offer is displayed

The content is adjusted to the affiliate partner needs

The affiliate partner can choose the content for the web site and the way it will be published. Contents are available in the language of your web site, and HTML formatting can be adjusted to the site by defining the parameters.

Get involved!

Start now - links to the pages below will provide you with information on service types and usage instructions.

  • Javascript web service
    • This site provides an overview of different types of contents and related HTML code for including these in your web site.
  • API documentation
    • For experienced webmasters: overview of available services, service methods, parameters and usage examples.

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