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Affiliate site links are the main initiator of increased traffic to provision ratio: page impressions are converted to clicks, which in turn become reservations and at the end reservations turn into your provision. Affiliate links are either banners or textual links that lead the potential customer to Adriatic.hr website. Links can be put on affiliate sites, search engines or newsletters.

The following techniques are recommended by the experts in link optimization, which will eventually lead to increased provisions.
  • Place the banners near the edges of screen, where there's no need to scroll
    It is proven that links have greater efficiency when loaded within the first part of the page, without the need to scroll down vertically. Users usually expect the most important information be shown on top. Put in use that observation and place your Adriatic.hr links and banners on the visually most appealing place.
  • Larger banners are two times more effective
    The research has shown that larger banners attract almost two times more users. Take advantage of this simple way to raise your provision
  • Textual links with powerful and eye catching message
    The link should be informative and attractive at the same time. Textual links that combine detailed and relevant information with emotional tone are more effective. You can use the following text as an example:
    The holiday of your dreams come true thanks to Adriatic.hr
  • Visual and contextual harmony
    The effectiveness of either textual links or banners is much greater if they are matching other elements on the page. For example, banners leading to our sailboat offers will have low efficiency when put on page that speaks about old castles. On the contrary, placing a textual link with the following content: 'affordable private accommodation near Korcula fortress' will produce more clicks thus increasing your chance of getting a provision.
By following these affiliate best practices, we hope to ensure you greater click-through ratio.

We wish you the best luck!

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