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Diving in Croatia | Top 4 diving locations on islands

Print Published: 08/06/2018

You love diving, but you are running out of great diving spots to explore? Maybe you're a beginner looking for interesting diving locations that are not all that demanding? Rich and lush underwater world, numerous archaeological sites and shipwrecks, together with warm temperatures, make the crystal clear Adriatic sea every diver's dream.
Read about the 4 locations we have picked out as the best diving locations on Croatian islands.

The Island of Hvar

One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and Europe is also a popular destination for diving lovers from all over the world. Some of its diving locations are world renowned.

Vela Grčka Bay hides a cave in its underwater. A lot of animals and plants live there, and the entrance to the cave is at the depth of 10 m. This diving location is suitable for beginners.

Paklinski otoci also have interesting diving locations. The most famous one is located by the Vodnjak Islet. In the sea surrounding the islet there is a sunken stone obelisk which resembles a church bell tower and that is why the locals call it Kampanel. The top of the obelisk is at the depth of 10 m. If you dive even deeper down, you'll see a canyon with red gorgons and a 5 m long tunnel.

This diving location is abundant with diverse plants and fish.

The Island of Korčula

The island of Korčula is home to an impressive natural phenomenon and the remains of sunken ships.

So you can find the remains of the Italian steamship Garda, which sank in 1938 due to a stormy sirocco, in a bay called Pudarica close to Lumbarda. The scattered remains lay on the sandy bottom of the sea.

The underwater of Majsana Islet, which was an important docking point on the Adriatic sea, hides a rich archaeological site. The remains of the Romans are preserved in the shape of amphorae and anchors at the depth of 35 m. Because of the sand and rocks, visibility is not all that good, but the shallowness enables even beginners to explore this location. The location has a rich underwater life, so you can see red fish, flatfish, torpedo and other kids of fish as well.

Cave enthusiasts definitely have to visit the cave in Orlanduša bay where they'll be impressed by the play of sunlight. There is a wall under the cave that goes down to 40 m of depth and is rich with fish, crabs, sea snails and octopus.

The island of Mljet

The underwater of Mljet is a special experience for every diver. It is well-known that the famous oceanologists Jacques Cousteau was so overwhelmed with the island's beauty and he claimed it was one of the most beautiful places in the whole world!

The Odyssey's Cave is one of the most interesting diving spots on Mljet, named after the Greek hero who, according to the legend, spent 7 years living on Mljet with the nymph Circe. The cave is abundant with animal life – the south winds bring medusae along, while Mediterranean sand smelt and octopus inhabit the cave.

Take a dive during daytime and you'll witness an impressive play of light made by the sun's reflection in the side openings of the cave.

Another interesting location is Goli Rat Cove. This is an attractive location because of the remains of an antic ship and amphorae which it used to carry. Less experienced divers can stay and explore the remains, while the others can dive to 40 m of depth until they reach the bottom covered with big rocks.

The island of Lastovo

Mljet's neighbor, the island of Lastovo with its surrounding islands constitutes a Nature Park and has a couple of impressive diving locations. Have in mind that diving on Lastovo is allowed only in company of expert staff from diving centers Ankora in Zaklopatica and Ronilački raj – Lastovo in Pasadur.

The most famous diving location on the island of Lastovo, and one of the most beautiful ones in Europe, is the Islet of Bijelac. From the top, it looks like an island, but under the sea there are actually two separate parts reaching down to 60 m of depth. There is where gorgons, sea stars and corals decorate the walls and moray, lobsters or forkbeard roam freely around the area.



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