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Fun family activities on the Adriatic

Print Published: 21/02/2019

Enjoying the beauties of the beach is always at the top of the list of things that are inevitable on every summer holiday in Croatia. Beach is always a good choice primarily because of the large choice of children-friendly places, but if the vacation lasts for a few days, it would surely be great to introduce some changes in the schedule and include new ventures that will be a new form of fun to you and your children.

Family cycling excursion

Adriatic is known for its numerous bicycle tracks

When talking about a bicycle trip many might think right away about driving through the woods and the long tracks approximately ten kilometers long. Of course, this is an option for those who are looking for places on the coast with long bicycle tracks with beautiful landscapes because and whos always looking for new options for active vacation. But this type of excursion is not the only option if you decide to ride a bike, especially if you are with a family. If you prefer staying in the place where you are accommodated you can rent bicycles, cruise through the streets, and visit all the important sights. Rent bike services can be found on every corner of every town and the payment system is simple (there is always a slot that uses exactly the same method as a parking sloth and another advantage is that you can pay by the application), and the prices are quite affordable. It is also important to note that bicycles also have custom chairs for toddlers.

If you want to "stretch your feet" and actually replace the city with nature, go on a family picnic in pine woods. You can go to nearby parks or forests that have well-maintained biking tracks with detailed maps along the way that show you the main paths so you don't get lost. If you didn't have the opportunity before to enjoy a family two-wheeled picnic on the Adriatic, we recommend that for the first time you visit the Biograd Riviera, more precisely the Vransko Lake Nature Park. Numerous tracks are specific because, besides the beautiful pine tree forests, they have a favorable position especially above the famous Vransko Lake park, that has incredible scenes. You can't miss the path that goes up to leading to the Kamenjak viewpoint, which is about 300 m long. Since you are going with the children, nice views and scenery will make you take more breaks along the way which you can use to memorize important family moments with your camera or smartphone.

Going to a safari in Dubrovnik

Capture new family moments in Dubrovnik

If you decide to spend the summer with your family in Dubrovnik you have to know that it's famous walls and the old city center are not all that this city has to offer. If you and your kids can't stand the crowd, one of the ways you can avoid it is going on the Buggy safari. This adventure on Srđ, hill above Dubrovnik, besides the unforgettable adrenaline experience, is also suitable for exploring the other side of the Dubrovnik area. It should be noted that the minimum age for children is 5 years. Similarly, teenagers can not drive the vehicle because an adult is required to drive. An important thing to remember is that you must bring enough water to keep your kids hydrated.

You haven't had the opportunity to discover the other side of Dubrovnik yet? Do not miss it this year and book your accommodation here.

Aquapark is always a great option

Aquaparks are a great choice for a family vacation

Sometimes, on vacation, it's ok to "play safe" when you choose an option that will provide your children with enough fun and game time, and aquaparks are places like that. One of the many good sides is that parents can also take a break from their usual obligations and be a child again at least for a day. Apart from a large number of waterfalls, water slides and other installations that offer a lot of fun, you will be completely relaxed because such parks are safe for children of all ages. Along the Adriatic coast there is a wide variety of water parks but if you don't have an idea of where and how to start your search for the first aqua park in Croatia, it is recommended to go to Aquacolors in Poreč, the largest water park in Croatia. In addition to great choices for pool fun, you can also visit the sports grounds if your kids love other sports.

Poreč looks like a perfect destination for a family vacation? Book your accommodation here.

Outdoor games are also ideal for parents

Take advantage of outdoor playgrounds

Parents that seek additional activities for their children can look up for outdoor playgrounds that are most commonly located near major beaches. Beautiful parks with slides, climbing places or rock climbing can easily entertain children, especially if swimming in the sea after a while does not seem like an interesting option for them anymore. Good thing is that with those playgrounds parents don't have to supervise the children all the time. One of the most frequent and fun activities is jumping on the trampoline that, besides playing, can be good for recreation. There are also plenty of opportunities for older children too. If you have some skills in video games, you can play the popular Fortnite or Fifa in one of the many outdoor game lounges with the new consoles and PCs.

You can find all of these options on most of the Makarska Riviera beaches. If you are not keen on playing you can easily enjoy in the shade while your kids play, or sit in one of the many restaurants or bars that are right next to the playground.

Going to the nearby observatory

Have fun and learn about space and it's secrets

The universe is a theme that always creates some kind of admiration even for children, so watching the stars can be a different activity on vacation where you can enjoy some family time and learn something new. Your children will be amazed if you go to the Observatory Višnjan in Istria, which is the largest in Croatia. Apart from its size, it is special because it has 11 telescopes with which 2 comets and 1400 asteroids have been discovered so far. It is a great opportunity to have fun and educate your kids at the same time, and besides the classic tours, there are many workshops designed to motivate children to learn new things about our and other galaxies.

Ready for new space adventure? Explore your ideal accommodation in Istria.

Interactive learning through visits to museums

Visit local museums to discover new things about local culture

Holidays can be a pleasant and useful for your kids, educational and fun. This can be achieved by going to the local museum, because the children can learn something about the new culture and new customs, and the fun interactive part can make them realize that history is not so boring after all. The good thing is that many museums on the Adriatic do not charge entrance to children so you will be able to save some money. If your children are too young, you can look for museums with other themes such as artistic, interactive, or some that have special programs for children within the regular program. A place where you will surely find something for yourself and children is Zadar. Apart from numerous historical and natural museums, it is worth mentioning a museum with a slightly different concept, a Museum of illusions that is ideal for children's play.

Visit the nearby island

Use ferry lines for family sailing

If you are on the coast during a holiday, you might consider taking a ride by ferry to the nearby island. The ferry is the easiest option to explore the island because you won't have to bother to rent a boat and besides, ferry lines are frequent so you can return to your place of residence whenever you want. You can also use the sailing on a ferry as a picnic opportunity during which you can enjoy an endlessly beautiful view of the numerous islands. By leaving the island you will be able to explore some of the new interesting sites and beaches. One of the places that perfectly matches the description is in the bay of the small town Drvenik. There is a direct line for Sućuraj on Hvar. Driving to Hvar takes about 35 minutes so you will have enough time to enjoy the open sea cruise.

Play beach volleyball or picigin

Queen's beach in Nin is one of the most interesting in Croatia

It's somehow expected that most of the time on summer vacation you will spend the most of the time with the family on the beach, and therefore we suggest that besides swimming, you also use the opportunity to dive, play one of the ball sports with your children. Thanks to the soft sand of Queen's Beach in Nin, it will be ideal for volleyball but also for popular brach sport in Croatia known as picigin. After the game, you can enjoy in spa-like treatment thanks to the nearby area that is consisted of medicinal mud and because of that, it has been one of the most desirable destinations for families in recent years.

Discover Fun Family Activities in Nin. Book yours here.

If you are looking for an ideal destination where your child can run on the beach without worry that someone will raise their eyebrows, where you will be able to enjoy family time without any concerns about safety, consider the Croatian coast where children are always welcome.



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