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Omis Sea "Arrow"

Print Published: 8/10/10
Omis Sea "Arrow"

Settlers on the shores of the Adriatic sea have had a long maritime and shipbuilding tradition. Numerous writings, drawings and ship remains have been preserved till this day from all parts of the Adriatic. Omis prides itself with Sagitta (lat. arrow), a ship from 10th century which owes its name to its unusual speed. That feature showed to be very useful to the pirates that were the masters of the sea passage near Omis. Currently Sagitta is being reconstructed based on the wall drawings found in a small church on the Brac island. Omis is planning to present its traditional ship on international manifestations such as the one in Brest, and along the Adriatic coastline as well in order to introduce the culture of Omis and its surroundings to tourists. Reconstructed 10th century Sagitta will be a real treat - visitors will be able to see an exhibition on the ship, try traditional specialties and listen to the local music.


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