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Czech Republic Dalimil Kocián
Hello, for we must thank for their hospitality and assistance in finding accommodation Mr. Srđan Todorović. We look forward to a holiday, then we write more :).
You've rated us: (November 7, 2016)
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Denisa Krčálová
Again, we took advantage of the Adriatic service and everything was done perfectly. We recommend.
You've rated us: (October 29, 2016)
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Russia Oleg Olshevskiy
All perfectly. Clear. Available. Really for tourists done. Respect developers.
You've rated us: (October 16, 2016)
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Hussein Salem
great service, every detail was taken care of, v v good system, the owner whose name was yasmine in croatian was v v nice and helpful ,the appt was v well equipped she even offered me a gist when i left, croatia and system os renting those appts is excellent,thanks , i will definitely recommend to everbody.
You've rated us: (September 14, 2016)
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Bordas Tibor
Hateful hosted, every day he went into the apartment when we went, constantly revised us still bother for parking, and there was no WiFi in the description, but no soap, no toilet paper given. It was a lot of noise, the beach was ugly and August are very cold water.
You've rated us: (September 14, 2016)
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Slovakia Miroslav Ferkl
You've rated us: (September 8, 2016)
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I AM VERY SATISFIED WITH SERVICES ADRIATIC.HR ,, everything was accurately described and helpful. business-to-large plus.bardzo thanks pani.Małgorzacie for reliable information. Apartment Pen 1070 c was great and the stay itself is freedom and freedom. greetings, Marek.
You've rated us: (September 6, 2016)
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Lászlo Madarász
We rented the studio - a roll of toilet paper made up to a week for two. Share on or buy another one! Preferably in time because ... - detergent, sponge, cloth unnecessary luxury when you need to buy yourself! - A sink with warm water can only be used if you want to manually rub the plates while the hot water heats up! - The restroom had got our food is no outlet for water, even though we spoke, just scrambling explained: pumped into the drain! Pump is not the same, but take the brand. Finally, I had to clean the siphon! Note: the szifontól the sewerage was solved that it should take place up. But this is not spoken at the wastewater! - The puppies have perhaps forming Toilet brush IV. Bela Kiraly also have used when he was on his way to Trogir escaping the Tatars! The fact that it was disgusting, is not an expression! - A toilet seat and the roof before falling off. - The external staircase lighting was not replaced at our request the burners. As the host for a long time no see, a few days we stumble in the dark, or if you left something in the car down, then down! - The mop around. 3-4 cm long puffs hanging! Performing with her mop up the water. (I might say impossible.) You may have Noah could use it! - Microwave (heating, melting) is not, as no liqueur glasses! Drink, drink too short mug! - Prior to our arrival cleaning characteristics that we saw a second-hand men's underwear under the bed, sweet harmony of the dirt accumulated there. Who knows, maybe the previous season remained there! - TV, no air-conditioning. We say no one was missing. - The sink water taps can be blocked by force! My wife always asked for help in this matter. - The hostess does not speak a foreign language, the landlord, who in turn can speak German, working days, and who knows when he is at home at all. So you ask so in the dryer, or ask where to wash! Of course, in addition to the toilet clogged, even more could be soaked for months without a drop of water can drop off naturally through! - They, sea-view room to their website (balcony) talked about! Instead take the sea wall is directly adjacent to the house. Anyway: what you need to always stare at the sea? However, between the two houses they had some coniferous trees, where a variety of sea cicadas muzsikáltak if you have not seen it from the balcony! It was a pleasure to listen to them! (I really love the music!) Overall, I can say that this studio up to recommend it to my enemies. Perhaps some lone, DIY-minded, self-hating Fakir! But it is the opinion of the mandrel fish festival also post nearby programs, our interest in the tourism információnál reported that Friday will be Kolanban cheese festival, music, dance, and then the next day (Saturday) fish festival will have are rooms Mandreban, like music, dance, fish consumption possibility, etc. The fish festival to be paid, and you can eat, drink, dance is only a 10 kuna. Promised large-scale event will be beautiful in Mandreban! More did not have to, we went Kolanba warmed up, which is really enjoying ourselves: excellent band, dance, etc. Encouraged by this the next day we went to the festival mandrel die! Although we do not have! You pay 10 kuna, and the clocks stay on the line, of course, smoke, to get a little haldarabkához. The icing on the cake have, in fact, that the beverage is not included in the price, you have to buy tickets separately, also of HRK 10, provided they are again one of the ticket sellers. What you drink so as to get money for a half-liter glass of wine in a landscape half a little finger, and then pouring a few drops of soda. You do not even have to write it to a fish festival, a total of three (the number is I'll explain: 3) appeared a barbecue than what I have at home! But here, hundreds of people were baked! After an hour queuing, we finally we come to the close fried fish, maybe even hundreds of people behind us. The fried fish on the rear of the personnel belonging to allocate, but never mind, because our grillezőnkből out the fire, but the fire already beginning to put together again. However, there are no fish other than a few pieces aside, only its skeleton. (Later cookies endure the German tourists!) To put aside the other pieces baked barbecue grill, but when baked, the whole thing put in a plate and bread, tomatoes and taken to table a Croatian company. Have you ever stood in line for anything but a total of 20 kuna paid for it! This idea would envy even joke edge Kohn uncle too! However, at least the re-laid fire spark emanating from the clothes almost lights up! It is only natural that fish skeletons of some of the cats will begin later cut without warning, when my partner is worth next to beautiful white dress! Good thing I did not ask for money or coupons in a white dress with red magic pöttyökért too! The band (guitarist with a two accordion) plays not on stage, but also in the way the smoke, even when playing at all. Probably "beautiful" Croatian folk songs, or perhaps most, only one, but it's always different text! A lot of tourists! Those who do so if the music did not you would be dancing because of the smoke! I mean, I write about the "sensational events" in the script and send it to the Hónaljmirigy jealous! They figure they can not do that! Sincerely, László Madarász
You've rated us: (September 1, 2016)
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Poland Robert Kanarek
We are very pleased with the facilities recommended by The descriptions of the lodging were very fair, accommodation clean and the hosts very nice and friendly. Special thanks to Ms. Margaret Obary. Emails written down very quickly and provide comprehensive information. Regards
You've rated us: (August 31, 2016)
Language: English Google Translate  | Polish (original)
Poland Lucyna Skałka
We enjoyed the holiday, the information given by the honest office. The place was even better than the description. The owner of the object very cordial. Thank you for the cooperation of Mrs. Małgorzata Obara. Regards
You've rated us: (August 31, 2016)
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